A totally different take on Fibromyalgia

Your body contains an amazing network of nerves.  The larger diameter, longer nerves come out of your neck and your low back.  The nerves from your neck control not only your upper shoulders, mid-back, and arms (and of course, the associated muscles).  They also hook up to the nerves that go into your head and your face, through a connection deep in your neck, just below the base of your skull.  Here is the pattern of that nerve network in the neck:


Realize that your low back nerves do the same thing.  You may have heard of the sciatic nerve.  It’s as large as your pinky near its origin in your low back.  It then splits and supplies your buttock and legs, eventually reaching all the way to your toes (and of course, the associated muscles from your low back to your feet).   Here is the pattern of that nerve system:


Now, combine those two illustrations, meaning the neck and the low back symptom patterns and imagine that you’re experiencing those symptom patterns on both sides of your body.  Congratulations.  You now have the symptom patterns for the diagnosis of fibromyalgia.  In the overwhelming majority of cases, what causes your symptoms to spread out into the symptom patterns in these illustrations are disc bulges.  A disc bulge in your neck causes nerve irritation to spread out into your upper shoulders, down between your shoulder blades, then down your arms to your hands.  This explains the tender points throughout your upper body.  A disc bulge in your low back causes nerve irritation to spread down into your buttocks and legs, perhaps even reaching your feet.  This is why you have tender points in your buttocks, hips, and legs.  My specialty is fixing the disc problem in your neck, followed by fixing the disc problem in your low back.  You will very likely experience your arm, shoulder blade, and upper shoulder symptoms retreating quickly back to their source, in your neck.   Significant correction of that problem usually only takes a few weeks. Then, when I rivet my/your attention to your low back, you will likely notice that your leg symptoms creep up out of your legs, then out of your buttocks and hips, retreating rapidly into just your low back.  After spending a few weeks correcting that, many have freed themselves from what the medical community calls a disease of unknown origin.


Controlling Migraine Triggers

The most common advice migraine sufferers receive is to control their triggers. Whether they’re stress, smells, sounds or anything else, most doctors tell their migraine patients to manage their exposure to these triggers as a way to reduce the occurrence of migraines.

Managing Migraine Triggers Doesn’t Work

When patients come to us, one of the first things we hear is that they either can’t effectively manage their triggers or that doing so doesn’t seem to be working. There’s a simple reason for that. Think about a glass that’s 4/5 full of water. That equates to the contribution your neck makes in causing your migraine. Now, liquefy your triggers and pour them on top. The glass spills over, every time.

Manage Neck Issues

Instead of focusing on managing 1/5 of the problem – your triggers, at Texas Migraine Clinic, we focus on correcting the remaining 4/5 of the cause. In doing so, the glass of water mentioned above becomes empty enough to handle your triggers without spilling over – or least it spills over a lot less.

Why Your Neck Matters

Think about when you hit your funny bone. The pain shoots up your arm. Your neck serves a similar function in causing migraines. By helping you self-correct the issues in your neck, migraines are automatically reduced. In other words, neck pain stops shooting up into your head, causing a migraine.

Natural Migraine Relief

When we say natural, we really mean it. Often the term “natural” is associated with herbal remedies. For us at Texas Migraine Clinic it means you don’t have to ingest anything. Instead, we can teach you either in person or remotely to correct your neck problems and achieve a true solution to your migraine pain.

Schedule a session or contact us to start on the path to pain relief.

Why Do My Migraines Get Worse with Weather Changes

Migraine sufferers commonly complain of worsening symptoms based on weather patterns. Many doctors and headache specialists will say the reason for this is unknown or that it’s simply coincidence. In fact, there is a logical reason why your migraines get worse when the weather changes.

Heavy Head

Think about this, your head weighs around eight pounds. As you go through your day, the joints in your neck get tired, inflamed and sore bearing this weight. The inflamed joints put pressure on the nerves in your neck. That pain travels up and causes you to have a severe headache beginning around 2:00 pm. As you try to push through and finish your work day, the inflammation and pain continue to worsen until it becomes a full-blown migraine.

Barometric Pressure

Joints in the human body are filled with liquid and surrounded by a joint capsule that contains that liquid. Your neck contains 14 such joints in a fairly small area. Based on weather research, low barometric pressure causes this liquid to expand – putting pressure on the joints and the nerves associated with them.

As a storm approaches, the barometric pressure drops causing the liquid in your neck joints to expand. The pressure that creates on your nerves leads to nerve inflammation. This pain travels up and causes a migraine. For people already susceptible to migraines, the added inflammation due to the drop in barometric pressure worsens an already painful situation.

The Solution to Weather Induced Migraines

As with nearly all migraine pain, the solution to weather induced migraines lies in your neck.  At Texas Migraine Clinic, we work with you to correct the underlying neck problems that worsen and cascade pain upward into your head when the weather changes.  Our unique, very personalized System can be learned in person in our clinic, or remotely via webcam or a combination of both in-clinic and remote webcam.  Many patients find this webcam option convenient because you can interact with Dr. Turner from anywhere.  The majority of our patients see results immediately during their initial evaluation, then a rapid, steady decrease in migraines.  In fact, at 6 weeks, patients who adhere to our System average a 93% decrease in frequency of migraines.  And it gets better from there as the neck structures and nerves calm down.  End your weather induced migraine pain. Contact us to get started.

The True Cause of Migraines

Migraines. That head in a vice pain coupled with light sensitivity and nausea. If you’re like most migraine sufferers, you probably think it’s all in your head. Some freak of brain pressure that makes you crawl into your bed until it passes. Maybe you take some powerful medication and check out for a day or more. What would you say if I told you there was another way?

The True Cause of Migraines

Contrary to popular belief, migraines don’t start in your head. They start in your neck.  Your neck cascades pain signals up into your head and face, creating your migraine symptoms. Think of it this way; when you bang your elbow, pain shoots out toward your forearm and fingers and then steadily retreats as the nerves calm down. The same thing happens in your neck, except the nerves stay irritated for a longer period-  until the neck problem calms down.  

Treating migraine pain with prescription medication is often unhelpful in the long run because the medications do not address the root cause. Instead, they mask the pain. Since this pain can easily take a full day out of your life, it’s worth fixing. Why continue masking your pain?

Natural Relief for Migraine Pain

Knowing that the true cause of migraine pain is nerves in your neck in nearly all cases, there are other solutions to relieve your migraine pain. Instead of loading up on prescription medications at the first sign of a migraine, you can learn to calm the nerves in your neck and stop that migraine in its tracks.  No more missing time out of your life and no more ongoing pain killers.  Next thing you know, your migraines become rapidly less frequent, less intense, then in most cases, absent altogether.  Seem impossible?  It’s not.

Calming the nerves in your neck is easier than you may think. With thousands of headache and migraine patients over the past 12 years, the average reduction in migraines at six weeks, using this System is 93%.  To learn more about our all natural migraine solution and how we can help you, contact us today. We work with migraine patients across the country and look forward to relieving your pain and enabling you to get back to what you enjoy doing!

Migraines During My Period

Menstruation comes with enough pain and agony without adding the challenge of period migraines. For most women migraines during their period is a problem they’ve not been able to solve. At Texas Migraine Clinic, we can. Dr. Turner has helped hundreds of women get relief from period-related migraines.

The Cause of Period Migraines

Most people thing migraines start in their head because that’s where the pain is. That misconception leads to improper treatment and continuing pain. The reality is that migraine pain starts in the neck. The nerves in your neck cause the pain in your head. Just like when you bang your funny bone and the pain radiates up your arm. The funny bone pain recedes quickly as the nerves calm down.

For migraine sufferers, the pain doesn’t recede quickly and causes debilitating pain. During your period, the hormonal changes accompanying your menstrual cycle can trigger these nerves in your neck into hyperactivity causing migraines during your period.

How Can Dr. Turner Help with Migraines During My Period

Unlike many migraine treatments currently available, Dr. Turner targets your menstrual migraines at the source – your neck. Working with Dr. Turner to target the neck muscles and nerves involved in causing your headaches for as little as six weeks can lead to a significant reduction in migraines during your period.

Dr. Turner works with patients from central Texas in his office. He’s also skilled at helping migraine sufferers remotely. No matter where you’re located, Dr. Turner can help you with your period-related migraines.

If you’re coping with migraines during your period in addition to cramps, bloating and mood changes, Dr. Turner can help you find relief from the migraines. His unique solution targets migraines at the source and typically yields more results than traditional treatments. Best of all, it’s a natural, drug-free solution you can do anywhere!

Natural Solution

At Texas Migraine Clinic we believe that the body can heal itself. Too many people rely on medications for a quick fix. Our solutions focus on long term healing and other benefits to restore your life to you.

Home Headache System

If a clinic is not the place for you, or if your location is too far away, we offer an online program that covers every detail of the solution. The program is made up of easy-to-use, high quality videos that target relief for headaches and migraines.


At Texas Migraine Clinic we understand how much limitation a migraine can have on your life. We want to empower you to rapidly reduce your pain and learn how to shut off nerve irritation. We can show you how to fix the root problem and stop your headache symptoms in their tracks.

Teens & Migraines

Our future relies on the progress of our youth. Many teenagers suffer from migraines and become reliant upon medications for a short-term fix. Our program can put an end to the missed school days, diet restrictions, and countless other problems associated with migraines, and put them in a position to succeed.

Campfire to Forest Fire

Symptoms spread into your head and face like a campfire at the base of your skull igniting into a forest fire in your head and face, routinely making it all the way into your sinuses. Learn to reverse it, and keep it gone.