Texas Migraine Clinic Targets Natural Solutions For Migraines

You’re missing a natural solution to your migraines if you don’t know one simple fact. If you notice that your symptoms worsen as the day goes on, usually by early afternoon, then be happy.

Why? Well, it implies 2 things. One is that the source of your migraines very likely isn’t scary (like a brain tumor or blood vessels), but rather, a neck problem that’s cascading nerve pain from your neck up into your head. This cascading nerve pain occurs because of your 8-pound head progressively smashing irritated nerves in your neck, due to a structural neck problem. The second thing to understand is that if you fix the neck problem, you also fix the migraine problem. That sounds better than “managing” it with medications, Chiropractic, massage, or injections like nerve blocks or Botox, doesn’t it? We specialize in fixing the neck problems that cause this “spreading forest fire” of nerve irritation that winds up in your head by early afternoon. Check out Texas Migraine Clinic to discover your solution. This can be done either in-clinic or remotely, using webcam technology. The remote option involves meticulous tracking of your head and facial symptoms in real-time while having patients move through an algorithm of neck movements and neck positions. Once you learn how to shut off your head pain, your migraine symptoms rapidly become less frequent, less intense, and in many cases, absent altogether.

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