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Archive for November 2017

Specialist For Migraine Headaches Claims To Heal Head Pain Naturally

Fourteen years of direct clinical experience on thousands of real patients as a chronic migraine specialist, combined with quality foundational research through Boston University’s doctoral program led Dr. Jeff Turner to profound revelations. He reportedly discovered how to directly influence nerve input into the brainstem, which is a structure deep to the base of the…

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Dr. Turner tells it all about how to rapidly reverse Headache and Migraines

The faulty, textbook description of migraine is that results from vascular and neurological changes in the brain. I’d say, not exactly. Why the arrogant take on that? I have personally viewed >5500 headache/migraine patients in evaluations and the follow-ups (expanding that # of patient interactions exponentially) using a System that pays meticulous detail to symptom…

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Many Sinus Pressure Treatment Therapies, But Only One Secret Solution

Face it- sinus rinses and anti-histamines get old, fast. You may have assumed that this is your lot in life, needing ongoing sinus pressure treatment “from the outside-in”, meaning going after your mucus membranes, directly. But let me share a secret with you, which I’ve learned as a migraine headache specialist over many, many years.…

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