Many Sinus Pressure Treatment Therapies, But Only One Secret Solution

Face it- sinus rinses and anti-histamines get old, fast. You may have assumed that this is your lot in life, needing ongoing sinus pressure treatment “from the outside-in”, meaning going after your mucus membranes, directly. But let me share a secret with you, which I’ve learned as a migraine headache specialist over many, many years. Here’s the secret: Your sinuses can very likely clear up long-term if treated from the “inside-out”, rather than outside-in. What I mean by that is that the “inside-out” approach is to fix the nerve irritation that produces mucus and sinus pressure in the first place. What I learned many years ago and see now on a daily basis is that in a matter of a few minutes, patients learn to shut off the nerve irritation that causes their mucus production and sinus pressure with a simple neck maneuver. Once they learn how to do that nerve calming maneuver, their sinus pressure treatment becomes a thing of the past. Sinus issues not only instantly clear in nearly all cases, but then rapidly become less frequent, then consistently gone as the nerve that controls them (the trigeminal nerve) calms down completely. Then, the irritated trigeminal nerve stops producing excess mucus. It’s a natural, seemingly simple, and certainly elegant solution to such a perplexing, ongoing problem. As a plus, given that the same (trigeminal) nerve also controls your eardrums, ear fullness treatment routinely comes a thing of the past as well with the natural System of evaluation and treatment used by Texas Migraine Clinic.

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