Our Outcomes

(Statistics are captured electronically). Last update 7/20/16

Disclaimer (see below)*


Symptom change at 6 weeks:*

Headaches72% decrease
Migraines93% decrease
Sinus pressure63% decrease
Eye dryness69% decrease
Eye pain89% decrease
Ear fullness50% decrease
Nausea88% decrease
Dizziness93% decrease
Jaw tightness63% decrease
Tooth pain85% decrease
Upper shoulder tightness58% decrease
Shoulder blade tightness75% decrease
Arm/hand numbness/tingling96% decrease


The average total number of sessions is 7.

Although not guaranteed due to individual variability, the outcomes (above) indicate a general overview of outcomes that we have observed with this system at 6 weeks.*

Further improvements in all symptoms routinely occur after the initial 6 weeks. This is because neck tissues and nerve systems steadily calm down and normalize.*  

What Clients are Saying

C5-6 C6-7 disc bulge herniation | naturally fix disc bulges in my neck

Homebound, this teen was rapidly able to return to high school and graduate. He is now a sophomore at Baylor University. “Every moment of every day, I had a headache. . .  I have no medication use now. ..”  His mom explained that his pediatric neurologist was planning on having him do an extensive cardiac workup to help assure his system could handle the heavy medication he was about to put him on.  His parents were red flagged about that, so they sought out this natural solution. They totally overlooked the source of his symptoms-  his neck at C5-6 C6-7.*

jenifferI have been suffering from migraines for over ten years. I would miss 1-2 days of work every month because they were so severe. I’ve seen two Neurologists, taken medications like Topamax that made me feel awful, but didn’t find anything that truly worked until I started going to the Texas Migraine Clinic. Now, I rarely have any headaches or migraines and am not taking the medications that made me feel sluggish and sometimes worse than before I took them.*
-Jennifer M

rhondaWhen I came to Dr. Turner’s office, my shoulders were on fire all day everyday. I was having migraines at least twice a week. Now I am symptom-free. My shoulders and neck have full range. Migraines are minimal. I have been blessed! Thank you for everything!*
-Rhonda J.


Dr. Turner is a miracle worker! I had DAILY headaches for 19 years! No medications provided permanent relief and five neurologists, PT, and chiropractic could not do what Dr. Turner accomplished in less than six weeks!! I have been headache-free, DAILY, since our 5th session!!! Please give this therapy a chance. The office is comfortable and centrally located and the staff is fantastic! This therapy is worth every penny spent, ten times over. I am grateful for Dr. Turner and his phenomenal therapy. It works, when nothing else will.
Stephanie Chancellor
Stephanie Chancellor
12:29 19 May 17
Dr. Turner is amazing and he absolutely changed my live (actually, he gave it back to me)! I have been suffering from daily headaches and arm pain and tingling for many years. I have poisoned my body with all kinds of medications, I have tried all types of doctors and therapies, I have even had a major surgery to help with the arm pain/numbness. In just a few weeks, Dr. Turner was able to stop the arm numbness and the daily headaches. I don't remember the last time I felt so good! I don't have to power through the work week and live/work with pain, and I can enjoy my family on the days off! My loved ones have noticed the difference too! Thank you, Dr. Turner! I really wish I would have met you 15 years ago, so that I would not have had to miss so much of my life and suffer through so much pain.
Lilia Marek
Lilia Marek
15:12 23 May 17
I have had headache for over five years. I started seeing Dr. Turner at the end of Jan. 2017. Under his care, my headache has been greatly improved. Most of my symptoms are gone. The exercises he gave me are great tools when I feel a headache is going to come on. I know if I continue with his program, I will continue to improve. Thank you! Dr. Turner
Warren Wu
Warren Wu
13:16 17 Apr 17
Thanks Dr. Turner,I had very bad headaches when I first visit you and taking a lot of meds. Now no more meds and I finally know the cause of those horrible headaches. I can identify triggers and work with the problem. Thanks a lot. Very Respectfully Felix Aranzadi
Felix J. Aranzadi
Felix J. Aranzadi
14:56 05 Aug 17
I suffered from Cluster headaches for 7 years, I have been to a neurologist, had a MRI done, tried every medication, and the only thing that helped was Oxygen. That was until I came here and found out the way to solve my pain wasn't with my head but with my neck. After 2 weeks of seeing Dr. T my headaches had decreased and I was able to sleep though the night. As of today it has been about 2 weeks since my last cluster headache and I am able to sleep comfortable at night without worrying about having another headache. Thanks to Dr. T and Megan I have my life back!
Lisa A
Lisa A
19:12 31 Mar 17
Dr. Turner focuses on physical therapy to heal joint and disk issues that cause migraines. A few months ago, on a scale of 1-10, I was consistently a 7-8. I'm now having intermittent low amounts of stress induced pain. Sometimes I am actually pain free! Seriously amazing. Between Dr. Turner & Dr. Nasha Holt (who referred me) I'm living a different, mostly pain free, life!
Katie Geuea
Katie Geuea
17:22 21 Mar 17
I had a great experience at this clinic! Super helpful staff and doctor. Felt so much better even after the first visit. Definitely recommend to anyone suffering from migraines.
Margaret Rose
Margaret Rose
14:33 08 Sep 17
Dr. Turner's methods and techniques have helped me extensively over the past several months. What he has done for me no other neurologist was able to do with Botox, nerve blockers or medications. His methods are simple and effective. I have suffered from migraines for several years and he was my last resort. I am thankful that my wife was able to find him. His assistant Anabell, was extremely nice and always on top of office reminders. If you are patient and in search for a better method that will help alleviate your pain this is the place for you.
Ruben Gomez
Ruben Gomez
23:50 08 Sep 17
Dr. Turner is my hero of the year. I was experiencing severe sciatic nerve pain shooting down my leg since February. Even was considering surgery if I could not find relief. In July, I discovered Dr. Turner and after a thorough evaluation he explained what was going on, what the solutions are and gave me a timetable of what my recovery should be. I find Dr. Turner to be thorough, caring, well versed in his field and a pleasure to be treated by him.
Dean Travis
Dean Travis
02:02 18 Sep 17
Dr Turner and his team were very nice and understanding. I currently had hemiplegic migraines that I wasn’t aware of and thanks to dr Turner I have been off my meds that I had been on for years due to his routine follow ups and treatment sessions.
Gloria Javalois
Gloria Javalois
15:12 25 Sep 17
Dr. Turner was able to pinpoint the source of my headaches to a cervical disc pressing on a nerve. Simple, gentle exercises resolved this in a few days. My weekly “suicide” headaches are gone! I praise God for Dr. Turner!
Scott Mitchell
Scott Mitchell
14:47 28 Sep 17
Came in with acute lumbar pain and within two sessions Dr Turner had helped restore 90% of my mobility and set me up with a set of exercises that are noticeably helping reduce pain day by day. Highly recommended!
Joshua Sorensen
Joshua Sorensen
13:40 15 Nov 17
Absolutely fantastic experience. I had been getting migraines for a few years prior to seeing Dr. Turner. Every other Dr. I went to treated the migraines with everything from triptans, to anticonvulsants, to Botox. He's the only Dr. who determined a cause and treated the cause. Treatment is simple and non-invasive. It's amazing that this isn't a wide spread practice. A DOCTOR WHO ACTUALLY WANTS TO HEAL YOU!!!!
Matt Street
Matt Street
16:55 11 Dec 17




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*DISCLAIMER: The information included on this website is a professional opinion from 13 years of experience working with headaches/migraines, observation of thousands of patients, and research of available medical literature. However, the speed and effectiveness of results of our System may vary from person to person. Some headache/migraine conditions are only partially responsive, or even non-responsive to this treatment approach. In addition, outcomes depend heavily upon the level of adherence and engagement in this very individualized self-treatment program. Advanced spinal degeneration may be present, which can complicate improvement or progression.  Also, certain medications may alter symptom response, e.g., narcotic pain relievers or migraine preventives, for instance.  If you’re concerned about the source of your headaches or migraines, or about treatment approaches available to you, contact your doctor or specialist for medical advice.