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FAQs – Headaches and Migraines

To see answers to common headache and migraine questions, please click here: Migraine Answers.

FAQs – Advanced Treatment

Here are some of the most obvious benefits:

  • Reversal of headaches & migraines (on all types we’ve tested, with rare exception)*
  • Permanent relief in the majority of cases*
  • Typical outcomes are 75% relief of headaches and migraines at 4 weeks and 90% relief at 6 weeks, including dizziness and nausea. Though not guaranteed, due to possible individual complexities, it is routine that you will no longer need medications, alternative therapies, or control of triggers after treatment with this System.*
  • Get treated anywhere in the world (with our internet-based webcam treatment)
  • "Triggers" no longer produce headaches and migraines: no need to avoid triggers anymore (like light, sound, certain foods, monthly cycle, etc.)- the familiar triggers will no longer initiate the onset of another headache or migraine
  • No more wasting money paying for temporary relief over and over again
  • In most cases, pay once, then you never need us or any other treatment again.* Our Goal: Make you so consistently pain-free that you never need our services again, either
  • No more wasting time driving in traffic to the pharmacy and to Doctors’ or therapists appointments (Chiropractic, massage, etc.) for treatments that don’t actually reverse your condition
  • No more wasting time during the actual “treatments” (Why continue with “treatments” when your pain is reversed?)
  • Get treated from your own house or workplace, and save time by using our worldwide, internet-based webcam treatment
  • Get more done and be more creative at work and at home without pain
  • Live your life in freedom - no need to have headaches and migraines wreck your plans or your precious time with family and friends
  • Never look back - no pain holds you back from your goals and aspirations. : )

If you have multiple, various symptoms that don’t seem to match up with any one condition, this is normal. It’s common for us to treat patients who have unique (often overlapping) conditions which others may find difficult to diagnose - this is what we've found after treating thousands of patients. Examples include:

Chronic, daily headaches, “sinus” headaches/allergies/eye dryness, all types of migraine, “suicide” headaches (cluster headache, trigeminal neuralgia); light, sound, and visual disturbance from migraine, TMJ disorders, jaw clenching, unexplained tooth pain, ear fullness/pressure; Meniere’s disease dizziness, lightheadedness, vertigo, nausea, esophageal reflux (GERD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gallbladder dysfunction (“sluggish” gallbladder), upper body tightness and burning (neck upper shoulders, shoulder blades, mid-back), associated chest pain/tightness (“faux heart attack”), pinched neck nerves (numbness, tingling, or pain in shoulder, elbow, wrist, or hand, all upper body symptoms associated with “fibromyalgia”, seizures, if you have parallel issues with headache/migraine (89% have migraine), atypical migraine (e.g., hemiplegic)

A common misconception many patients have before seeing us is thinking our treatment just provides “some” relief. Our Advanced Migraine Treatment System actually targets true, lasting reversal of all pain and symptoms associated with headaches and  migraines. What this means is that we routinely see our evaluation and treatment reverse the worst and most painful headache and migraine conditions. These conditions include the worst of the worst, which generally include cluster headaches and trigeminal neuralgia (both known as “suicide headaches”), as well as hemiplegic migraine (which looks and acts like a stroke, with associated paralysis of an arm and leg, commonly with speech slur).  So, severity of headache or migraine condition is not an issue, since the result is nearly always the same: permanent relief with no pain or associated symptoms.*

We’ve developed a internet-based remote treatment system which many patients over the past 6 years have used to engage in treatment with us in places as far away as Australia, South America, and even the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean.  All that’s required is a computer or tablet and a strong internet connection. We prefer to use an app called Zoom, though we’ve worked with patients through Skype and Facetime if the technology is a barrier.  In these remote sessions, the doctor closely monitors all your movements live on webcam, tracks all your responses to detailed questions, then gradually works towards the reversal of your headaches and migraines. This internet-based remote treatment has proven to be highly effective in our previous patients.

In Dr. Turner’s words:

“Online evaluations take about 45 minutes, and follow-ups, 30 minutes.  I’m very used to doing videocam interaction, having 6 years’ experience with it.  It’s an ideal platform, as I can clearly discern detailed symptom patterns that I’m looking for in real-time as I visually interact with you.

I track symptoms in your head, face, upper shoulders, shoulder blades, and dizziness/nausea with a very detailed testing algorithm of repeated neck movements and sustained positions.  I’m riveted on what produces your various symptoms, and more importantly, what shuts them off.  Many unfamiliar with this process might think that their symptoms are too chronic, too severe and too complicated for such a simple-sounding, cryptic process. But there’s not much that I haven’t seen in the evaluation and treatment of approximately 5200 headache/migraine patients over the past 16 years. It’s unlikely that your symptom complex will baffle or surprise me- and more importantly, stump me.  This system is not a panacea, but I have a long track record of applying this logical, detailed System of real-time symptom testing to the most complex head/neck disorders with consistent success.*

For proactive clients, common outcomes are 75% relief of headaches and migraines at 4 weeks and 90% relief at 6 weeks, including dizziness and nausea. Then, consistent absence of all symptoms is common as the source of the problem completely heals. It is routine that ongoing therapies, medications, injections, and avoidance of triggers are no longer necessary.  Total number of sessions on average, regardless of complexity, is 6.”*

So far, AMTS treatment has reversed every headache and migraine type it’s ever been used on. This includes reversal of:     

  • Chronic Migraine With Aura
  • Chronic Migraine Without Aura
  • Cluster Headache
  • Hemiplegic Migraines
  • Abdominal Migraines / IBS / GERD
  • Menstrual Migraines
  • Tension/Stress Headaches
  • Retinal Migraines
  • Ocular/Opthalmic Migraines
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia
  • Migrainosis / Status Migraine /Intractable Migraine / Refractory Migraine
  • Opthalmoplegic Migraines
  • Basiliar Migraines
  • Cervicogenic Headache
  • Silent Migraine
  • Migraine with Brainstem Aura
  • Thunderclap Headache
  • Vestibular Migraine
  • Occipital Neuralgia
  • Rebound Headache/Migraine
  • Sinus Headache
  • TMJ Disorders (related)
  • POTS (related)

Yes, we have seen neurologists and many other physicians of various specialties for evaluation and treatment with this System. They are also well aware of the fact that injections and medications don’t provide permanent relief. Note that the overwhelming majority of our patients no longer need medications, injections, nor ongoing alternative therapies, such as Chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, etc.  That’s the case, because they generally achieve complete symptomatic relief that lasts, using this System.*

Our Founder, Dr. Jeff Turner has been in practice for 32 years.  His clinical Doctorate (DPT) is from Boston University in ’08, with research focus on the true source of migraines and their natural, lasting resolution.  He specializes in a very detailed evaluation and treatment System proven to empower pain sufferers to rapidly reverse countless overlapping problems, then achieve lasting relief without ongoing medications, injections, or therapies.  He believes that this System is the only treatment in the world at this time that permanently abolishes headaches and migraines. In other words, over 16 years of experience with evaluation and re-evaluation of approximately 5200 patients, he believes he has “cracked the migraine headache code”. He has observed that his patients routinely stop having headaches and migraines completely and go on to being consistently pain-free and in full function at home and at work.  He lives in Central Texas with his wife. He has five children and enjoys reading and running. His mantra: “God has given me the most rewarding work on earth.”

AMTS treatment stands for Advanced Migraine Treatment System. It is highly unique because it reverses the source of nearly all types of headaches and migraines and associated symptoms (e.g., dizziness and nausea), with permanent results-  with rare exception.

To discover the primary source(s) of YOUR unique pain and symptom problems requires attention to detail that others overlook, a reliable algorithm, and extensive experience. Dr. Turner has successfully evaluated and treated thousands of patients over the past 16 years at Texas Migraine Clinic.

The evaluation process is similar to an electrician who uses a meter to test electrical current from point A to point B, systematically. They nearly always diagnose (and fix) your electrical problems, don’t they? Well, our evaluation process is very similar. Dr. Turner pays meticulous attention to what shuts off the pain in multiple parts of your head, face, and upper body. It’s very systematic, logical, and quickly reveals the source of the problems.

Once he sorts it all out, he then empowers you to shut off your symptoms at will. As you do this, your pain and symptoms rapidly become less frequent and less intense. In many cases, they stay consistently absent as steady healing occurs. Typical outcomes are 75% relief of headaches and migraines at 3 weeks and 90% relief at 6 weeks, including dizziness and nausea. Though not guaranteed, due to possible individual complexities, it is routine that you will no longer need medications, alternative therapies, or control of triggers after treatment with this System.*

Because our treatment does things that were previously “impossible” according to the medical field, it would be easy to think so. However, when our patients’ lives are transformed by being freed from all their years of pain and looking forward to a headache/migraine-free life, they are sometimes gracious enough to leave detailed reviews. We wouldn’t be in business this long (more than 16 years) if we were engaging in such a practice, meaning manipulated or false reviews. Interestingly, they span all sorts of different headache and migraine diagnoses, among other head/neck pathologies.*

Yes, our advanced treatment is the only of its type in the world because Dr. Turner pioneered the treatment and has refined this personalized, meticulous method for more than 16 years. That said, Dr. Turner “Stands on the shoulders of giants”, as they say. His work and mechanical testing algorithms used in his System are based on foundational principles from the late Robin McKenzie of New Zealand and Angelo Dimaggio of Michigan.  Though the bulk of his anatomical research occurred while in Boston University’s Doctoral program, his findings were unique, and remain so to this day.

There are currently two other clinics worldwide that we are aware of using a similar, basic version of this method. However, these methods have not been refined directly by Dr. Turner. You will not find this information on the internet, and it is not self-evident. It’s routinely quite surprising for patients to discover the real epicenter (pain source) of their many nerve irritation problem(s).*

“Best” treatment is somewhat of a confusing term to use here because no other treatment (including surgery, injections, medications, supplements, alternative therapies such as chiropractic, massage, etc.) offers permanent reversal of the problem. It would seem that the “best treatment” would target the actual source of the underlying problem and reverse it for a lasting result. In other words, this rare method is designed to "turns off" headache and migraine pain permanently from the master switch. This master switch is deep in the neck where multiple nerve systems converge. In summary, results for our advanced treatment indicate permanent relief in many of our patients which puts this treatment a notch above all others that we are aware of.  However, the System does require adherence to our System for both fast and lasting reversal of symptoms. It’s not passive, so you need to be ready for it, much like a very targeted and meticulous rehab program.*

AMTS treatment is an advanced mix of multiple professions combined into one. It focuses on micro-corrections of neck structural issues, which in turn shut off nerve irritation in your head, face, and even upper shoulders and shoulder blades. As damaged neck structures heal and associated nerve systems calm down, all symptoms rapidly become less frequent, less intense, less spread out, and routinely, absent altogether. Only a small subset of patients need follow-up sessions beyond our core System. We consider a successful outcome as total, consistent absence of symptoms without any need for further interventions- including ours!*

To get started with our advanced treatment, take the admission survey: CLICK HERE
After that, we'll contact you about your treatment details, given that we consider that you’re a candidate for this approach.

Although peer-reviewed research is ideal, it is impractical and rare in a private practice, clinical setting. That said, we have every intention to do so in the near future and have taken steps in that direction. In the interim, we rely on existing supportive research of our theoretical framework, internal stats of outcomes, which we record digitally in our clinic, common sense with regard to immediate symptom response with patient testing (i.e., what makes symptoms immediately better or worse) and the many detailed patient testimonials in our Google Reviews, and other review sites.*

Our patient outcomes reveal an average of 75% relief of headaches and migraines at 4 weeks and 90% relief at 6 weeks, including dizziness and nausea. Though not guaranteed, due to possible individual complexities, it is routine that our patients no longer need medications, alternative therapies, or control of triggers after treatment with this System.*

After successful AMTS treatment, it is possible to experience brief bouts of recurrence, especially in the 6-9 month time frame for total tissue/nerve healing. During that healing time, you will be empowered to abolish your symptoms quickly in most cases using techniques from our System to get you back on track, or you may have to modify certain activities for a bit longer as complete tissue healing occurs. A small subset have ongoing problems, for various reasons, though such an outcome is not the norm.*

Signing up, getting scheduled, and attending your 1st session usually occurs within 3-7 days, depending on our availability. A huge advantage to this System is that it can be done remotely using a webcam, so there’s no driving to/from a Dr’s or therapist’s office, or a pharmacy. You can be treated at home, or any other reasonably quiet place with a good internet connection. In addition, we focus on resolving the problem so that even our System of evaluation is not ongoing, but has a relatively fixed end-point. A successful case for us is if you never need us again after your finite number of treatments.*

Currently, once you take the Quiz (available through this site) and then fill out the Admission Survey, we set you up with your 1st appointment within a few weeks, typically. This is not guaranteed, by we’ll strive to get you in as close to that time frame as possible.

A big difference with our approach is that the analogous expense of our brief bout of services is dwarfed by the value of your savings. In other words, ongoing expense over time with other approaches, compared to potentially putting an end to your pain and symptom problem(s) permanently reveals the true value of this System as a reasonable and logical solution.*  The cost of our entire System is only slightly more than a single month of treatment of the newer (ongoing) injectables. Note that with traditional medical approaches, you'll also be paying for ongoing Dr. visits, as well as ongoing tests and parallel medications.

Over time, the costs of doing business with us are are likely to rise.  We plan to continue not only the current value of what we do, but to build on it. We will steadily incur additional cost in staff, research and development, and operations, which will incur a steady price increase.*  

Private pay for the newer migraine injectables, as a comparative starting point- which research shows may provide ~50% relief for 3 weeks out of a month- costs $7000. per year.  Note that if you stop these treatments, you're "back to square one," without lasting relief.

In contrast, this System currently averages $875. (6 sessions) and routinely has lasting results.*

No, the treatment is 100% natural and does not include synthetic materials, surgery, or other invasive mechanisms.

*DISCLAIMER: The information included on this website is a professional opinion from 16 years of experience working with headaches/migraines, observation of thousands of patients, and research of available medical literature. However, the speed and effectiveness of the results of our System may vary from person to person. Some headache/migraine conditions are only partially responsive, or even non-responsive to this treatment approach. Outcomes depend heavily upon the level of adherence and engagement in this very individualized self-treatment program. Also, advanced spinal degeneration may be present, which can complicate improvement or progression.  Certain medications may alter symptom response. Examples include narcotic pain relievers (e.g., hydrocodone),  migraine preventives (e.g., Depakote, Neurontin, Lyrica, Topamax), recently-administered Botox injections, or a newer CGRP injectable (e.g., Aimovig, Ajovi).  If you’re concerned about the source of your headaches or migraines, or about treatment approaches available to you, contact your doctor or specialist for medical advice.