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4,200+ of our previous patients from Texas and around the world no longer need to avoid triggers, take medications & injections, or continue with other non-lasting therapies and treatments (such as acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, supplements, and other interventions).*

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What does an evaluation look like? (2 Minutes)

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Dr. Nasha Holt, M.D.

“Dr. Turner is an absolute mechanical genius with an uncanny attention to detail. His approaches resulted in one patient after another being healed of their migraines. . .”

Dr. Ron Calvanio, Ph.D. - Harvard Neurology Professor

“This new understanding will be a game changer in the realm of migraine evaluation pathophysiology and treatment.”


Relief isn't enough anymore . . . .

Relief vs. Reversal Fact 1

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Our average patient had seen 5 different practitioners (such as doctors, neurologists, and/or other specialists), but never found the lasting relief they were looking for until our Advanced Treatment, according to our most comprehensive internal study for our patient population. Reversal - instead of temporary symptom relief - has proven to be the way out for our usual patients.

Relief vs. Reversal Fact 2

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The usual, successful patient here had headaches and/or migraines for 27 years before they received our Treatment, according to our most comprehensive internal study for our patient population. Through reversing the source of pain, the Advanced Treatment has been able to free thousands of migraine & headache sufferers from pain.

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What does our Advanced Treatment do?

Reversal vs. Pain Management for Headaches & Migraines

In the realm of migraine and headache pathophysiology and treatment, the focus for years has been temporary relief. In other words, patients take medications until they need the next one. Patients get injections until they need the next one, and so on.

This treatment changes all of that.

The reason why this treatment is different is because its goal is to keep patients out of pain for years with near-complete relief. The result is, more or less, a reversal of pain out of the face, head, and shoulders, until symptoms gradually dissipate until lasting relief has been achieved - in most cases, with rare exception.*

Pain management, as you have experienced, does not last. The pain always finds a way back – and usually very quickly.

Before Advanced Treatment, we’ve found our patients tell us that they’re tired of avoiding headache and migraine triggers all day, and have wasted valuable time and financial commitments to treatments that didn’t last long enough – or give enough relief.*

So pain management as many know it does not solve the real problem or give lasting relief. What you need for lasting migraine and headache relief is more than just pain management.

Without Advanced Treatment
With Advanced Treatment

Why the Advanced Treatment is Different than Other Treatments . . .


The Advanced Treatment is non-invasive. We do not use surgery, medications, or other chemicals. Instead of damaging nerves through surgery or flooding the body with chemicals, we address the origin and cause of the pain, in order to keep the pain gone.


Our Advanced Treatment is wholly focused on relief that lasts as long as possible. This often ends up saving patients countless hours from pain and and wasted time on repeating the same old treatments that don't last.


Our Advanced Treatment has been used worldwide to treat more than 5,400 headache and migraine sufferers of nearly all headache and migraine types over the last 17 years. We've refined the Treatment to a science, and are accustomed to easily treating some of the most difficult & challenging headache and migraine cases in the world.


You don't have to be in Texas to get treated with Advanced Treatment. Through our easy-attend remote treatment option, we are able to provide online Treatment. Because the Advanced Treatment is so developed, we know exactly what to look for: including pain patterns, symptom response patterns, and other pain & symptom markers. This makes Treatment more convenient for patients than driving to the Doctor's office all the time or constantly picking up prescription refills.

Powerfully Effective

We've found the Advanced Treatment we offer is currently unparalleled by any other treatment we've ever seen in our practice, patient population, and medical literature.* In some of the best cases of stacked injections so far (multiple injections taken at a time), many patients have reported (in the very best cases) only 40% maximum lasting relief. Our treatment's average lasting relief for successful patients adhering to our system of Treatment has been found to be 92% or greater.*


Medications and injections don't last. Because of this, patients must stay on them non-stop - which ends up wasting valuable time. After successful treatment with our Advanced Treatment, there's no need to slow yourself down with taking medications and injections over and over again.*

Symptoms We Commonly Reverse


Sinus pressure/nose stuffiness

Eye dryness or itchiness

Eye pain or pressure

Ear fullness or pressure

Jaw tightness, pain, or clicking (TMJ)

Dizziness & Lightheadedness


Conditions We Commonly Reverse

Chronic Migraine without Aura

Chronic Migraine with Aura

Cluster Headache

Hemiplegic Migraine

Abdominal Migraine / IBS / GERD

Menstrual Migraine

Tension / Stress Headache

Ocular / Ophthalmic Migraine

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Migrainosus / Status Migraine

Cervical Radiculopathy

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Not in Texas?

Get Advanced Treatment wherever you are.

Save time. Get results.

We use an application called Zoom™ (Similar to Skype™ or FaceTime™).

This allows patients to attend Texas Migraine Clinic treatment sessions from wherever they are located.

A receptionist helps patients get set up with Zoom™ so they can attend sessions with less hassle.

According to our statistics and after thousands of remote-session cases, the results & relief outcomes of our out-of-state patient cases are nearly identical to the in-clinic patient cases we've seen.*

This is possible due to our advanced feedback response algorithms we use for identifying even minute issues we've found even experienced neurologists overlook.*

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The Online "Remote" Zoom™ Version of the Advanced Treatment:

How Do I Get Receive the Advanced Treatment Without Showing Up to the Clinic?

After successfully treating 1000's of patients, we've refined our Advanced Treatment to the point that we don't need an X-ray or brain CT scan to know what's causing patients' headache and migraine issues, except in some rare cases needing an MRI. In fact, in patients that have previously had brain scans, we commonly identify issues that most neurologists didn't perceive as an issue.*


Because of our detailed diagnosis and Treatment algorithms, it makes treatment possible for patients over online webcam without patients ever showing up in person. This is only possible due to our extensive experience with some of the most difficult headache & migraine cases in the world.


During these online, webcam sessions, patients answer critical & detailed questions a Texas Migraine Clinic specialist asks. This allows us to figure out exactly what is causing patients' headaches and migraines in most cases. We call this process "real-time symptom response tracking", and this allows us to develop a customized, algorithmic treatment protocol tailored to each individual patient's particular condition. Furthermore, this protocol changes as patients progress successfully through treatment. A Texas Migraine Clinic specialist determines when these changes occur, and tells you exactly what to do to get the best relief possible - as fast as possible.


We nearly always find the real issues behind patients' headaches and migraines without seeing brain MRIs because we believe if migraine & headache specialists, doctors, and neurologists really knew exactly what they were doing, they could find these issues without brain MRIs.*

Convenient and Powerfully Effective

  • In most cases, patients who choose the remote Treatment option get equal or better results than those who have visited the clinic in-person. In fact, 92% of our patients experience partial or total relief of their sinus symptoms (which they attributed to allergies) during their first evaluation.


  • We are more than used to treating patients who have had minimal to no migraine relief, or intolerable side effects with other treatments. Before finding us, many of our patients struggled with non-lasting relief for their headaches and/or migraines for 20+ years, and had seen 5 different practitioners such as doctors, neurologists, and/or other specialists.* Aside from our Treatment, they never found the near-complete and lasting migraine relief they were actually looking for, which we attain in many cases.


  • According to the results of our patients, the latest state-of-the-art migraine injections gave most of them 20%-40% relief at most.* We are often the last stop for some of the most difficult migraine and headache conditions.

“I’m very used to doing video-cam interaction, having 6 years’ experience with it. It’s an ideal platform, as I can clearly discern detailed symptom patterns that I’m looking for in real-time as I visually interact with you.”

Dr. Turner DPT, Cert. MDT

Before Us, Patients are Usually Tired Of:

Avoiding migraine & headache triggers

Taking supplements that just aren't working

Getting only limited & non-lasting relief with chiropractic & massage

Only getting temporary, incomplete relief through injections and medications

Desperate enough to consider surgery which often damages nerves to stop the pain

The Logical Solution to Lasting and Natural Migraine Relief & Headache Relief

We’ve already done all the hard work for you, and thoroughly investigated what the many different types of specialists, doctors, and neurologists do to treat migraines. We’ve sorted out why the best of what they do works, and refined a custom, highly specialized algorithmic treatment for natural migraine relief and headache relief.

At Texas Migraine Clinic, we understand that you need lasting migraine relief- not just “pain management” which, as you know, is not a real solution to your migraine and headache pain – because the pain – in nearly all cases – comes back with temporary relief treatments.*

Instead, we believe patients (even patients with very severe conditions) need more than just temporary pain management, and need lasting & natural migraine relief as well as headache relief.


Stephanie C, English Teacher

Dr. Turner is a miracle worker! I had DAILY headaches for 19 years! No medications provided permanent relief and five neurologists, PT, and Chiropractic could not do what Dr. Turner accomplished in less than six weeks!! I have been headache-free, DAILY, since our 5th session!


Nancy D., Medical Insurance Specialist

Dr. Turner is extremely knowledgeable and gets to the source of the issues. I was suffering with debilitating vestibular migraines since August 2017. I went to two ENT Dr’s and 2 Neurologists and all I was given was medications to mask my symptoms. I was at a breaking point in April and was on 10 different prescription medications and couldn’t envision living like that forever. It is now June 16th 2018 . . . I have completely weaned myself off everything. I have not experienced any migraines since I started the treatment plan with Dr. Turner.

Sarah P., Medical Sales Rep.

I went from daily migraine medication for over 10 years, to zero meds within 2 months of my first visit with Dr. Turner. I've remained migraine-free for the past 6 months, having to only take a "rescue" triptan one time for a very mild migraine. This is coming from someone who used to have a migraine every 2-4 days prior to daily medication. Dr. Turner takes time with his patients to find and treat the root cause of the issue. Further, a few visits is usually all you need, not like certain types of ongoing therapy that is costly and time consuming. I'm so thankful to have found TMClinic and Dr. Turner!

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