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Archive for October 2017

Neck Nerves Rule With Shoulder Blade Pain And Tightness Treatment

If you’ve been through enough massage therapy, chiropractic, and attempts at yoga or Pilates in your quest for shoulder blade pain and tightness treatment, you’re not alone. If you ask around, most people have ongoing tightness in their upper shoulders and shoulder blades that they routinely attribute to stress. However, the truth is that nerves…

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Migraine Pain Relief Treatment And Eye Dryness Treatment, Together?

Who would think that there’s a clear connection between migraine pain relief treatment and eye dryness treatment? Well, it would seem confusing, unless you understood the overlap, or convergence of nerves associated with migraine headaches and tear ducts. Migraines routinely involve the trigeminal nerve, which blankets half of your head and face. Interestingly, this same…

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