Neck Nerves Rule With Shoulder Blade Pain And Tightness Treatment

If you’ve been through enough massage therapy, chiropractic, and attempts at yoga or Pilates in your quest for shoulder blade pain and tightness treatment, you’re not alone. If you ask around, most people have ongoing tightness in their upper shoulders and shoulder blades that they routinely attribute to stress. However, the truth is that nerves contract muscles. They don’t just contract on their own. Those nerves come out of the lower neck out into your upper shoulders and shoulder blades. There’s a Quick Self-Test page available here that sorts this out. It quickly reveals the source of the tightness and commonly puts the idea to rest that it’s just situational stress. If you experience relief of these symptoms with that test page, then you’re very likely a candidate for the very detailed evaluation and treatment System of Texas Migraine Clinic. We specialize in fixing that problem, targeting lasting healing of damaged neck structures. That’s shoulder blade pain and tightness treatment at its best because it focuses on reversing the source of the problem, versus ongoing treatment of the symptoms with Band-Aid approaches.

The Quick Self-Test page also commonly sorts out the source of chronic head problems such as pain, tightness, pressure, or throbbing- especially if those symptoms get worse as the day goes on. This worsening commonly occurs in the early afternoon as nerves from the neck get more and more irritated. Most people don’t associate their chronic head problem (symptoms) with nerves that cascade from their neck up into their head and face- but it’s the case in the overwhelming majority of people.

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