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Dr. Turner tells it all about how to rapidly reverse Headache and Migraines

The faulty, textbook description of migraine is that results from vascular and neurological changes in the brain. I’d say, not exactly. Why the arrogant take on that? I have personally viewed >5500 headache/migraine patients in evaluations and the follow-ups (expanding that # of patient interactions exponentially) using a System that pays meticulous detail to symptom…

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A totally different take on Fibromyalgia

Your body contains an amazing network of nerves. The larger diameter, longer nerves come out of your neck and your low back. The nerves from your neck control not only your upper shoulders, mid-back, and arms (and of course, the associated muscles). They also hook up to the nerves that go into your head and…

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Controlling Migraine Triggers

The most common advice migraine sufferers receive is to control their triggers. Whether they’re stress, smells, sounds or anything else, most doctors tell their migraine patients to manage their exposure to these triggers as a way to reduce the occurrence of migraines. Managing Migraine Triggers Doesn’t Work When patients come to us, one of the…

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