A totally different take on Fibromyalgia

Your body contains an amazing network of nerves. The larger diameter, longer nerves come out of your neck and your low back. The nerves from your neck control not only your upper shoulders, mid-back, and arms (and of course, the associated muscles). They also hook up to the nerves that go into your head and your face, through a connection deep in your neck, just below the base of your skull. 

Realize that your low back nerves do the same thing. You may have heard of the sciatic nerve. It’s as large as your pinky near its origin in your low back. It then splits and supplies your buttock and legs, eventually reaching all the way to your toes (and of course, the associated muscles from your low back to your feet).

Now, combine those two things, meaning the neck and the low back symptom patterns and imagine that you’re experiencing those symptom patterns on both sides of your body. Congratulations. You now have the symptom patterns for the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. In the overwhelming majority of cases, what causes your symptoms to spread out into the symptom patterns in these illustrations are disc bulges. A disc bulge in your neck causes nerve irritation to spread out into your upper shoulders, down between your shoulder blades, then down your arms to your hands. This explains the tender points throughout your upper body. A disc bulge in your low back causes nerve irritation to spread down into your buttocks and legs, perhaps even reaching your feet. This is why you have tender points in your buttocks, hips, and legs. My specialty is fixing the disc problem in your neck, followed by fixing the disc problem in your low back. You will very likely experience your arm, shoulder blade, and upper shoulder symptoms retreating quickly back to their source, in your neck. Significant correction of that problem usually only takes a few weeks. Then, when I rivet my/your attention to your low back, you will likely notice that your leg symptoms creep up out of your legs, then out of your buttocks and hips, retreating rapidly into just your low back. After spending a few weeks correcting that, many have freed themselves from what the medical community calls a disease of unknown origin.

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