Controlling Migraine Triggers

The most common advice migraine sufferers receive is to control their triggers. Whether they’re stress, smells, sounds or anything else, most doctors tell their migraine patients to manage their exposure to these triggers as a way to reduce the occurrence of migraines.

Managing Migraine Triggers Doesn’t Work

When patients come to us, one of the first things we hear is that they either can’t effectively manage their triggers or that doing so doesn’t seem to be working. There’s a simple reason for that. Think about a glass that’s 4/5 full of water. That equates to the contribution your neck makes in causing your migraine. Now, liquefy your triggers and pour them on top. The glass spills over, every time.

Manage Neck Issues

Instead of focusing on managing 1/5 of the problem – your triggers, at Texas Migraine Clinic, we focus on correcting the remaining 4/5 of the cause. In doing so, the glass of water mentioned above becomes empty enough to handle your triggers without spilling over – or least it spills over a lot less.

Why Your Neck Matters

Think about when you hit your funny bone. The pain shoots up your arm. Your neck serves a similar function in causing migraines. By helping you self-correct the issues in your neck, migraines are automatically reduced. In other words, neck pain stops shooting up into your head, causing a migraine.

Natural Migraine Relief

When we say natural, we really mean it. Often the term “natural” is associated with herbal remedies. For us at Texas Migraine Clinic it means you don’t have to ingest anything. Instead, we can teach you either in person or remotely to correct your neck problems and achieve a true solution to your migraine pain.

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