Migraine Pain Relief Treatment And Eye Dryness Treatment, Together?

Who would think that there’s a clear connection between migraine pain relief treatment and eye dryness treatment? Well, it would seem confusing, unless you understood the overlap, or convergence of nerves associated with migraine headaches and tear ducts. Migraines routinely involve the trigeminal nerve, which blankets half of your head and face. Interestingly, this same trigeminal nerve controls your tear ducts. So, when you experience a migraine attack, irritation of the trigeminal nerve commonly shuts off tearing, causing eye dryness. Many practitioners treat the eye dryness with lubrication drops. However, it’s quite a hassle to deal with eye dryness using that strategy, because drops are needed multiple times per day. An ideal strategy is for migraine pain relief treatment and eye dryness treatment to be one and the same. Rapidly reverse the migraines and, in turn, rapidly restore tearing to your eyes. That’s the natural way. We use painless evaluation and treatment techniques at Texas Migraine Clinic to accomplish relief of migraines and eye dryness, all in one natural System. There’s a Quick Self-Test available on the homepage of our website where you discover how to test this approach yourself on your eye dryness problem.

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