Migraine Headache Specialist Discovers Natural Headache Nerve Treatment

It is well known in the medical literature that two major nerve systems that blanket your entire head and face (the trigeminal nerve and the greater occipital nerve) account for nearly all of symptoms of migraine headaches. That is, with the addition of a third nerve that controls your stomach (nausea) and gut (IBS, GERD)- and that’s the vagus nerve.

The migraine headache specialist and therapist, Dr. Jeff Turner, DPT of Texas Migraine Clinic have observed the near-instant improvement in symptoms associated with all 3 of these nerve systems (trigeminal, greater occipital and vagus nerves) by working with nerves in the neck. The trigeminal-cervical nucleus found in the brainstem, just deep to the upper neck is where these many nerve systems converge. This particular headache doctor specialist uses a natural therapy approach to quickly shut off nerve irritation that cascades up into this key brainstem area. The result is rapid relief of all migraine nerve systems at once from one source.

Essentially, he quickly discovers individually how to rapidly reverse headache pain, as well as dizziness and nausea. Then, he teaches the patient exactly how to do that on their own so that they can reverse symptoms as soon as they occur. Then, symptoms rapidly become less frequent, less intense, then in many cases, consistently absent as the nerve systems normalize. This approach targets true healing, versus the current medical approach of pain management, leaving recurring symptoms that don’t get better over time.

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