Specialist For Migraine Headaches Claims To Heal Head Pain Naturally

Fourteen years of direct clinical experience on thousands of real patients as a chronic migraine specialist, combined with quality foundational research through Boston University’s doctoral program led Dr. Jeff Turner to profound revelations. He reportedly discovered how to directly influence nerve input into the brainstem, which is a structure deep to the base of the skull. The brainstem houses the various nerves (trigeminal, greater occipital) that cascade up into the head and face and down into the stomach (vagus). The headache and migraine nerves converge, or overflow into each other in this brainstem area (the trigeminal-cervical nucleus in the illustration).

The primary source of nerve irritation that feeds into the brainstem nerves are structures in the neck. The key structures that he routinely focuses on are the neck discs and joints. As a specialist for migraine headaches, he has refined a System of evaluation and treatment that rapidly heals these neck structures in most cases. In turn, the nerve irritation that they typically produce rapidly disappears, shutting off cascading nerve irritation from its source. Once he teaches patients how to do this themselves, headaches and migraines rapidly become less frequent, less intense, then routinely absent altogether.

The System does not require ongoing efforts or follow-ups, beyond a reasonable healing time, analogous to normal healing times that you’re familiar with.

If you’re looking for a natural solution that’s not only fast, but also lasting- and without ongoing efforts for pain relief, you should check out this chronic migraine specialist’s website. It contains an overview of his approach, profoundly simple answers to what are often baffling questions about headaches and migraines, and outcome stats of this unique and obviously powerful approach.

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