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Just like hitting your funny bone (elbow) causes nerve pain to shoot down into your wrist and fingers, irritation of nerves in your neck cause nerve pain to shoot up into your head and face. Fixing your neck problem fixes this shooting nerve pain. A clear sign of this neck problem is onset or worsening of headache pain by the early afternoon, when you find yourself wanting to lie down to get the weight of your head off of your neck. Click HERE to learn more.

Natural Cure & Long Distance

Coaching videos, ongoing text interaction and informative pdf’s make the process as smooth as possible. Many use Skype on their phone.


Dr. Turner works with patients remotely with Skype or FaceTime, regardless of location. Using this visual technology, he has a consistent track record of successfully discovering which sustained neck movements, positions, and mechanical neck strategies reverse headache/migraine symptoms in a way that’s both fast and lasting. Click HERE to learn more about that.

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We are straightforward about our clinical outcomes with all sorts of different symptom problems.  Click HERE to learn more.