No ongoing therapies, surgery, injections, or medications.


  • At 6 weeks: 72% decrease in frequency of headaches, 93% decrease in frequency of migraines
  • At 12 weeks: 95% symptom reduction, both headaches and migraines + nausea and dizziness
  • Then, steady, consistent absence of all symptoms as nerve systems and neck structures calm down



Dr. Holt Headache Institute of TexasDr. Turner is an absolute mechanical genius with an uncanny attention to detail. His approach has resulted in one patient after another being healed of their migraines and other chronic head and face pain conditions. You can imagine the delight my patients feel when they no longer have to pay for $25 dollar a pill migraine meds once the neck causes of their pain are laid to rest!
If you would have told me 6 years ago that I would be seeing migraine patients recover from their chronic pain conditions, I would have laughed in your face. That was before I saw the kind of results that spine specialist physical therapist, Dr. Jeff Turner, was getting with headache patients. He has a pioneering approach to headaches that uncovers the neck causes of head and face pain, and then heals the tissue at fault. His method is based on years of experience. Dr. Turner uses a meticulous, algorithm-driven mechanical assessment of the neck that identifies which neck structures are causing a patient’s symptoms. He then tailors a neck rehab program for each patient that allows healing of their neck tissue. (Click on image to view video)
-Nasha Holt, M.D., Headache Institute of Texas
olga-circleI had severe headaches for a whole year before I came here. I was also dizzy. I could only sleep for 2 solid hours per night. . . my sleep was very interrupted. Now the horrible pain in the entire left side of my head is gone. And I can sleep an entire 8 hours if I want to and without pain. I thought it might be a brain tumor, but you figured out that it was my trigeminal nerve. For me, it’s a miracle.
-Olga L.


The process begins with a thorough history and testing of postures, repeated movements, and sustained positions in our clinic (initial evaluation).  Dr. Turner observes symptom changes in your head and face, your upper body, and tracks nausea and dizziness as well-  all in real-time.  This testing reveals distinct patterns of your pain and other symptoms that he can then empower you with to treat yourself effectively. By learning how to self-treat the current problem, you minimize the risk of recurrence and rapidly self-treat recurrence if it occurs during your healing process.

In nearly all cases, within only a few minutes you’ll understand through near-instant response of your symptoms where their source is. Gain the understanding you need to leave your many symptoms behind. Move forward into the active and healthy life that’s been put on hold. Your family, your friends, and your coworkers will probably take notice before even you do. Focus and energy without the pain, and whatever personal functional goals you have. That’s what we’re all about- helping you to achieve those goals as fast as possible.  Whether you’re a patient looking for the best migraine Dr. in Austin, Texas, in San Antonio, or more remote locations, remote treatment options make our system totally doable for nearly all patients, regardless of diagnosis (e.g., classic migraine, cluster headache, trigeminal neuralgia, hemiplegic migraine, etc.).  Your choice of “Best Dr. for Headaches and Migraines in Texas” may be ongoing medications, botox injections, etc., which is perfectly fine!  However, if you’re looking for a solution that’s “Natural, Fast, and Lasting”, consider this common-sense approach, based on self-treatment and rapid reversal of symptoms.

Before being referred to Dr. Turner and his staff, I had a migraine every single day from the time I woke up until I went to sleep for 4 months! I was beginning to think i was crazy, the way other doctors looked at me! Now I’m done with my office visits and I haven’t had a single migraine in months! I’m so thankful for the Texas Migraine Clinic, the staff there are so kind and really care about your health! I can’t thank them enough for helping me!!


Using webcam interaction, Dr. Turner has a consistent track record of successfully discovering which sustained neck movements, positions, and mechanical neck strategies reverse headache/migraine symptoms in a way that’s both fast and lasting.  Patients from Austin, Texas are most commonly interested in this very efficient and effective method.

Dr. Turner and his staff are amazing. I suffered from migraines for 22 years and within 6 weeks I was migraine free! I had tried every medication, treatment, diet, exercise and diet supplement out there and nothing would cure my menstrual migraines. I saw results from this therapy within the first few weeks. The great part was that I never had to leave home. I did the entire treatment through FaceTime so I didn’t have to make the 2 hour trip to his office.

Self-treatment strategies are carefully tailored to each client by meticulous tracking of symptom location and intensity in real-time. He uses a detailed and elaborate algorithm to determine which repeated neck movements, neck positions, and neck unloading strategies abolish all symptoms at once.

As a head/neck specialist, Dr. Turner has experience with many thousands of headache and migraine clients over the past 12 years. There’s not much that he hasn’t seen or resolved using this System of very specialized evaluation and treatment. He targets the central source of many varied symptoms. Those symptoms then rapidly become less frequent, less intense- and in the majority of cases, absent altogether. He can walk people through this process 3 ways: 1) Remotely (with secure webcam portal) from start to finish, 2) in-clinic (in San Antonio, Texas), or 3) a combination of both in-clinic and webcam follow-up(s).

Headache Dr works with migraine patient in Austin, Texas

Headache Dr. (Dr. Turner) works with patient in Austin, Texas via FaceTime



What my Doctor isn’t telling me! (THE TOP 6)

Q: Control of my triggers is the most common advice that I have heard, other than medications for my headaches and migraines. How do my triggers tie in with your evaluation and treatment system?

Q:Why do my Symptoms flare up when the weather changes?

And More!

Q: Why do symptoms in my head and upper shoulders, or neck worsen as the day goes on, especially around 2:30PM?

Q:  I’ve noticed that my child gets headaches and migraines, just like I do.  What’s the connection?



By clicking on the orange button, you can fill out your comprehensive new patient history online (~15 min’s).  No matter where you’re located, a one-time visit for your initial evaluation is all that’s needed.  Follow-ups are easily coordinated with FaceTime or Skype webcam sessions.

Could not be happier! I have not had a migraine in four months. I love that this therapy does not just treat my symptoms. I am actually fixing the problem. If you suffer from migraines – even occasionally – I highly recommend this treatment. It is so empowering to know how to recognize the start of a headache and completely knock it out with NO medication! This has been life changing for me and my family!

*The information included on this website is a professional opinion from 12 years of experience, observation of thousands of patients, and research of available medical literature. However, the speed and effectiveness of results of our system may vary from person to person. Some headache/migraine conditions are only partially responsive, or even non-responsive to this treatment approach.
In addition, outcomes depend heavily upon the level of adherence and engagement in this very individualized self-treatment program. Advanced spinal degeneration may be present, which can complicate improvement or progression.
Also, certain medications may alter symptom response- e.g., narcotic pain relievers or migraine preventives, for instance.
If you’re concerned about the source of your headaches or migraines, or about treatment approaches available to you, contact your Dr. or specialist for medical advice. Keep in mind that one practical screening tool to help discern whether headaches are likely from the neck is consistent, progressive worsening of head pain as the day goes on. This symptom worsening implies a neck source to headache symptoms. Videos on this website explain this concept in detail.