Nausea Relief That’s Natural, Fast And Lasting From An Experienced Migraine Doctor In Texas

Do you experience nausea along with your excruciating migraines? Whether you’re suffering from nausea due to pregnancy, a chemotherapy regimen, a migraine attack, or a medication reaction, nausea has to be one of the most miserable symptoms of all. Maybe THE most?! What a way to start your day! If you’re in that 90% of migraineurs who experience this wonderful symptom, then you know that your chronic head pain + nausea = missed workdays. It also means missed family time. Who wants to cook, clean, interact, or even smile when there’s background nausea going on? Maybe you can fake it with a headache. But faking it with nausea is entirely different, if not impossible.

Of course, nausea isn’t a disease, per se. Rather, it’s a crazy-unpleasant, common side-effect of migraine headaches, motion sickness, certain illnesses, food poisoning, appendicitis- you know, those sorts of wonderful things. Those all sound really great to have at the same time (along with nausea). Even more anguish.

Fortunately, dizziness and nausea are routinely abolished quickly and in a lasting way, using this natural system that addresses the vagus nerve. This nerve is responsible for both symptoms- that is, dizziness and nausea. How is that? Well, the vagus nerve is the longest nerve in your body. “Vagus” means “wandering”, meaning it goes all over the place. It courses all the way from your head (where nerve branches communicate with your inner ear- think “dizziness”) all the way down to your stomach and intestines (think “nausea”). They should have named it “Vegas” instead since people who visit there commonly experience both dizziness and nausea. OK, but that’s for a different reason. Folks can usually sleep that one off.

But YOUR experience of nausea follows you around outside of your Las Vegas trip, leaving you with a delightful witch’s brew of symptoms. Yours might also include sensitivity to light, sound, and strong smells, sleep loss, generalized fatigue, and an intense desire to simply lie down in a dark room and be left alone. Sound familiar? I’m sure your evenings are really rewarding for you and your family when you feel like that.

What other triggers might also trip off this cascade of misery for you, other than lights, noise, and smells? I don’t know you personally, but YOUR triggers might also include certain foods or food additives, alcoholic beverages like beer or wine, stress, changes in your sleep pattern, physical factors like intense exercise, long walks, jogging, long car rides, or changes in barometric pressure with weather change, hormonal changes . . .a long list for sure.

Well, all of that said, this System of natural treatment is routinely fast and effective at not only attaining complete relief of these symptoms. It’s also routinely LASTING, which can’t be said of other approaches that just mask symptoms like Band Aids. Though temporarily helpful, such Band Aids include certain medications (Phenergan, Reglan, etc.). But you also might have pursued Chiropractic manipulation, Airrosti, pain management injections (occipital nerve blocks, epidural steroid injections, radiofrequency ablation), Botox, massage therapy, or even acupuncture.

Realize that when you knock out your headaches, your nausea disappears as well. That’s because the nerves overflow into each other in your brainstem. That overflow area is called the trigemino-cervical nucleus. Fortunately though, “you don’t need to understand how the engine works to drive your car”. With nausea evaluation and treatment using Dr. Jeff Turner’s detailed testing algorithms, it’s beyond rare that you can’t leave these Band Aid treatments behind in your pursuit of symptom relief- certainly including nausea.

We rapidly abolish nausea (and headache/migraine problems) with the very detailed observation of your symptom response in real-time during our painless testing procedures. Your evaluation only takes about an hour, it’s inexpensive, and it can be done remotely via webcam. And our total, an average number of sessions is only 7, without the ongoing need for other therapies (or even OUR therapy system, for that matter). Frankly, you’d be crazy not to at least have yourself tested to experience the amazing life change that happens when you leave your nausea behind.

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