The True Cause of Migraines

Migraines. That head in a vice pain coupled with light sensitivity and nausea. If you’re like most migraine sufferers, you probably think it’s all in your head. Some freak of brain pressure that makes you crawl into your bed until it passes. Maybe you take some powerful medication and check out for a day or more. What would you say if I told you there was another way?

The True Cause of Migraines

Contrary to popular belief, migraines don’t start in your head. They start in your neck. Your neck cascades pain signals up into your head and face, creating your migraine symptoms. Think of it this way; when you bang your elbow, pain shoots out toward your forearm and fingers and then steadily retreats as the nerves calm down. The same thing happens in your neck, except the nerves stay irritated for a longer period- until the neck problem calms down.

Treating migraine pain with prescription medication is often unhelpful in the long run because the medications do not address the root cause. Instead, they mask the pain. Since this pain can easily take a full day out of your life, it’s worth fixing. Why continue masking your pain?

Natural Relief for Migraine Pain

Knowing that the true cause of migraine pain is nerves in your neck in nearly all cases, there are other solutions to relieve your migraine pain. Instead of loading up on prescription medications at the first sign of a migraine, you can learn to calm the nerves in your neck and stop that migraine in its tracks. No more missing time out of your life and no more ongoing pain killers. Next thing you know, your migraines become rapidly less frequent, less intense, then in most cases, absent altogether. Seem impossible? It’s not.

Calming the nerves in your neck is easier than you may think. With thousands of headache and migraine patients over the past 12 years, the average reduction in migraines at six weeks, using this System is 93%. To learn more about our all natural migraine solution and how we can help you, contact us today. We work with migraine patients across the country and look forward to relieving your pain and enabling you to get back to what you enjoy doing!

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