Migraines During My Period

Menstruation comes with enough pain and agony without adding the challenge of period migraines. For most women migraines during their period is a problem they’ve not been able to solve. At Texas Migraine Clinic, we can. Dr. Turner has helped hundreds of women get relief from period-related migraines.

The Cause of Period Migraines

Most people think migraines start in their head because that’s where the pain is. That misconception leads to improper treatment and continuing pain. The reality is that migraine pain starts in the neck. The nerves in your neck cause the pain in your head. Just like when you bang your funny bone and the pain radiates up your arm. The funny bone pain recedes quickly as the nerves calm down.

For migraine sufferers, the pain doesn’t recede quickly and causes debilitating pain. During your period, the hormonal changes accompanying your menstrual cycle can trigger these nerves in your neck into hyperactivity causing migraines during your period.

How Can Dr. Turner Help with Migraines During My Period

Unlike many migraine treatments currently available, Dr. Turner targets your menstrual migraines at the source – your neck. Working with Dr. Turner to target the neck muscles and nerves involved in causing your headaches for as little as six weeks can lead to a significant reduction in migraines during your period.

Dr. Turner works with patients from central Texas in his office. He’s also skilled at helping migraine sufferers remotely. No matter where you’re located, Dr. Turner can help you with your period-related migraines.

If you’re coping with migraines during your period in addition to cramps, bloating and mood changes, Dr. Turner can help you find relief from the migraines. His unique solution targets migraines at the source and typically yields more results than traditional treatments. Best of all, it’s a natural, drug-free solution you can do anywhere!

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