Why Triptans Often Work Great - Until they Don’t


Dr. Turner (Bio Here):


I’ve seen many patients recently who have been on triptans many years before seeing me.  


A very common thing for patients to do is go straight for the triptans when the migraines & headaches begin to flare up. 


That's for good reason: because triptans are selective serotonin receptor agonists, and work quite quickly to stimulate serotonin levels. 


Therefore, when the symptoms start to show, these tend to work fairly well for many patients. 


However, the problem is, the triptans "wear off".  


This leaves patients needing to take another triptan.


In addition, there's yet another problem.


For many patient cases, the nerves behind these migraine & headache issues are so inflamed: that even when triptans are “stacked” (taken together with other medications), patients still don’t get the substantial relief they're looking for. 


Our internal research implies that in over 90% of the applicant cases we see, patients experiencing migraines and/or headaches have an obstruction or multiple obstructions along their main migraine & headache nerves.


These upper-spine obstruction(s) are often still there even after multiple chiropractic & physical therapy sessions.


In fact, we frequently see these issues get overlooked in patients' previous MRI's. 


The good news is, once we fix these issue(s), patients tend to in nearly all cases stop their medications & injections over a series of weeks.


They witness the migraines & headaches taper off over a few sessions as the symptoms clear.


After this, we then show them how to make them stay gone without the medications or injections. 


I feel very blessed and proud of what we do for guests every day at Texas Migraine Clinic.


If you’d be interested in getting started with us, just reply “Interested”, and I’ll have a receptionist send over the details. 


To Your Relief, 

Dr. Turner

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