Dr. Turner: A 2-Month Epiphany


Dr. Turner (Bio Here):


Many years ago, there was a timeframe of around 2 months where I had trouble sleeping.


This was because I knew the world of migraines & headaches would never be the same after.  


I’d been experiencing great success with the first implementations of the custom migraine & headache relief methodology I use.  


It was this vs. the best the world had to offer….   


And this methodology was winning.  


It was taking patients who were bed-bound for days (often in dark rooms and in excruciating pain): 


And taking them to complete relief in just a few sessions. 


And it was natural – as in no surgery involved. 


Furthermore, it was working at a deeper level than medications and injections could touch.


I felt I had to tell the whole world about it.  


The fact is, I didn’t have the multi-million dollar budgets some have in the migraine-headache industry.  


And there's still alot of misinformation about where these issues actually originate from. 


As an example, many believe the brain stem is where these issues start at. I used to think that this could be true as well many years ago: until I realized that the nerves were largely invulnerable at that point.


Except in potentially very rare cases (very rare indeed), there was nothing to set them off around that area.


The real issues along the main migraine & headache nerves were actually lower, and, better yet, could be fixed naturally without surgery in nearly all cases.


But this is a reason why I love what I do every day. 


I get to personally help thousands of people with impossible pain problems reach lasting relief without the medications and injections:


and better yet: prevent surgeries along the way.


I'm proud to say that the goal we consistently achieve is getting patients so pain-free that they don't need to see us anymore. 


It’s just so much better to actually fix these issues instead of endlessly avoid them.  


Plus, it makes me feel absolutely delighted (and fulfilled): when I see patients freed of these issues and living life without these debilitating problems.


 If this all sounds like something you’d be interested in, reply with “Interested”, and I’ll have a receptionist get back with you. 


To Your Relief, 

- Dr. Turner

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