Why Migraine and Headache “Pain Management” Often Just Isn’t Enough


Dr. Turner (Bio Here):


Headache & migraine pain management, as you may have experienced, never seems to last.


The headaches and migraines always seem to find a way back – and usually quite quickly.


The fact is, temporary relief is often seen as a best-case scenario when it comes to migraines, headaches, and related symptoms.


Patients end up taking medications – until they need the next one.


They get injections – until they need the next one.


They go to chiropractic or massage sessions, and it works – until it doesn’t.


In fact, in the more advanced cases I see, patients often show up to see me for their 1st session: while on different medications, injections, as well as going to their chiropractic or massage sessions (all at the same time).


After these treatments and interventions (and sometimes many others as well such as oxygen, biofeedback, EMG, traction, and others), many patients tell me that they’re still experiencing only temporary, incomplete relief after doing “everything right”.


A common scenario is that patients end up taking rescue meds or triptans throughout the day.


They find themselves constantly trying to avoid headache & migraine triggers- even after multiple treatments and interventions. This often becomes exhausting- especially after years of these issues.


To get lasting relief, it’s first important to realize something:


that migraine and headache treatments, in my experience, generally are never made to last in the first place.


They’re made to get patients short-term relief until the next injection, dosage, or session.


In fact, in my time achieving lasting relief for more than 4,200 headache and migraine cases, I’ve found that the true cause behind patients’ migraines and/or headaches has often went overlooked for years by different specialists such as neurologists, ENT’s, and other doctors.


I’ve seen hundreds of cases where these issues have been overlooked in MRI’s and CT-scans.


The common outcome of all of this is something at Texas Migraine Clinic we call the “endless cycle” of headaches and migraines- the situation where treatments must be repeated over & over again without achieving complete or lasting relief.


From what I’ve seen over 19 years working in great detail with these issues, I’ve found that the real problem behind patients’ migraines and/or headaches often tends not just to be 1 issue, but multiple issues we have to uncover.


Until we identify these root cause(s) of patients’ headaches and migraines, and resolve that, patients’ relief tends to always be temporary.


What this means is that the real key to making all this work is not simply treating the symptoms with “pain management”, which never lasts, (and is often only partially effective).


Instead, the key is in truly fixing the root cause behind these issues, so they can finally stay gone.


And in my experience, once we identify the root cause of these issues- usually issues along the master headache & migraine nerve pathway leading up into the brain stem- we can then finally start to see real progress to their resolution.


I’ve found that until the issue(s) causing the headaches & migraines along the master headache & migraine nerve pathway running through the neck and into the brain stem are fixed, the relief is always going to be temporary, and the treatments never seem to last or work effectively for patients.


Instead, if we can get at the nerve issues behind these main headache & migraine nerves, then, in my experience, it’s absolutely possible to get lasting and in many cases even permanent relief from migraines and headaches.


This is something I’ve done for 19 years, and patients tell me all the time that what we do is finally “the thing” that worked- where many other treatments and therapies didn’t.


I’ve found that when the real issues behind these problems are fixed, the headaches and migraines can finally then “taper away” in about 6 weeks, and then, after that, stay gone in most all cases (even the ones I see that have had these issues for 20 years or longer).


By the way, I’m going to be talking more about this over the coming weeks, so if you’re interested, stay tuned.


- Dr. Turner

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