[Case Study] Eliminating Migraines & Headaches - When Nothing Seems to Work

Dr. Turner (Bio Here):


Kathy's headaches and migraines were terrible (to say the least).


She'd been having headaches & migraines for many years before she sat down at her computer to have her consult session with me.


Getting rid of these miserable problems had proven to be a never-ending, constant struggle for her:


and they always came back again.


For Kathy, these problems had:

• Drastically reduced her ability to focus & concentrate

• Made it so that she had to lie down all the time throughout the day

• Made it so that she was constantly avoiding loud sounds & bright lights

• Had resulted in her spending alot of money on other alternative treatments that never seemed to last


Even after seeing a neurologist and trying:

• Medications (Topamax, Propranolol, Amitriptyline, Depakote, Gabapentin/Neurontin, etc.)

• Acupuncture  

• Chiropractic  

• Massage Therapy  

• as well as Physical Therapy


The truth is, (in my experience), these issues still happen to thousands of migraine and headache sufferers around the world:


even when they do everything right.


In Kathy’s situation, what we discovered was a nerve issue in the upper neck that had been overlooked my multiple specialists.


And once we both identified and addressed that using our NerveCode™ System, it transformed everything.


You can hear from Kathy here:

Now, Kathy can live life in freedom from headaches and migraines without needing to stay on the medications, injections, or other treatments.


The fact is, we’ve seen countless other cases similar to Kathy’s case, and were able to get these exact same results.


The truth is: Kathy saw the right specialists.


She did exactly as they said.


But Kathy (and many other cases) need more.


Because the issue is, the injections and medications only “touch on” the pains & symptoms,:


and that’s great if you want quick relief.


But, in my experience, it’s not so great if you want to get rid of them, so they can stay gone without needing to stay on the medications, injections, and other treatments.


- Dr. Turner

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