[Case Study] An Intensive Case

Dr. Turner (Bio Here):


When Etta first showed up to her consult call, things weren’t going so well.


In fact, they were going terribly.


Every day with migraines was a constant struggle:


And, in her mind, there was very little anyone could do:


especially considering all that she’d went through already.


She’d been through and tried:

  • Medications for years
  • Massage therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Migraine Dieting
  • Essential Oils
  • Seeing a Neuro-Otologist


Her life was still a daily blur of migraine pain, intensive symptoms, and avoiding the triggers:  


… getting through each day with almost nothing left


And when there was something left,


the dietary struggles, and the need to subconsciously avoid the bright lights & loud sounds crept in (yet again)… 


hard-pressed every day to just barely “get by” with these intensive symptom issues.


But that’s why I love what I do: because I get to be 100% transparent with Etta and others.


When Etta joined the call, I was ready to be frank with her (as I’ve done many times in the past), and tell her I couldn’t help with her case. 


We would have parted paths right after that call with best wishes.


But I’ve just seen too many cases at this point to think I couldn’t help her.


I not only knew I could help her:


I felt compelled to help her.


She had an issue that, daily, was shattering her life. 


Etta was in the middle of of this, and she didn’t know what to do.


She’d already “done what you do”:


She’d taken the medications, taken the Botox and other CGRP injections, and been through the never-ending chiropractic and massage sessions:


On a thread of hope- truly knowing nothing else to do than to get on a call with me.


You can hear from Etta here: 

The truth is I want you freed from these problems.


I want lasting as well as complete relief for you:


to rid your life of these things that are taking your life away with very little or nothing in return:

  • the medications you’re taking
  • the injections   
  • the endless relief sessions & appointments (that never really last)
  • the endless chemicals associated with these treatments
  • the endless trigger avoidance of diets, bright lights, loud sounds


All of it.


Because that’s what I do:


Every single workday for patients.


I’ve done it for years consistently over thousands of cases now.


I get patients lasting & complete relief, so that they can actually live their life in freedom from these terrible, terrible symptom problems.


If you ever hit a hard place with these symptoms, always remember that I'm on your side.


- Dr. Turner

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