A Better Way to Achieve Lasting Relief [Case Study]


Dr. Turner (Bio Here):


If you’ve had headaches or migraines for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed 1 thing:


they’re resilient. They always tend to find a way back.


Seemingly out of nowhere.


I used to believe there was no real, lasting answer to headaches and migraines.


I figured there may be something causing them that just wasn’t known yet.


But certainly no way I knew of to keep them gone: for complete and sustained lasting relief.


It’s quite an understatement to say that many patients (before seeing me) have had intensive case issues.


In fact, their neurologists and specialists tend to have run out of answers, and cycled through many of the different medication and injection trials.


A common situation for patients before seeing me is that they try seemingly everything they can (usually over many years)…  


... just to get even a little closer to the effective & lasting relief they’ve been looking for.


Simply put, it's often an uphill battle they’ve been dealing with for a long time. This often includes using interventions such as:

  • Medications (triptans / various anticonvulsants / preventives / etc.)
  • Injections (common & CGRP injections such as Aimovig or Ajovy)
  • Chiropractic
  • Physical Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Supplements
  • [A long list of many other interventions goes here.]

… all without achieving near-complete or lasting relief.


Now, some definitely do experience some effective short-term relief or semi-sustained relief with injections (which are often stacked together for this effect).


However, after so many interventions, many patients are still left in seemingly endless cycles of pain & relief (over and over [and over] again):


even if they’ve developed relatively complicated coping strategies like dosage & treatment schedules or trigger avoidance methods.


Because once the diet is broken, the med dose is skipped, or the injection wears off, symptoms seem to crop up again (seemingly out of nowhere).


This leaves many of those with headaches and migraines feeling trapped in a life of constantly avoiding headache and migraine triggers.


The problem is, there just hasn’t been a highly effective, lasting solution for the majority of intensive headache & migraine cases.


Instead, it’s nearly always been the same thing:


an endless cycle of treatments, therapies, and avoiding triggers-


all for temporary (and often incomplete) relief.


For example, here’s a common scenario for more intensive cases:


They tend to experience some relief with triptans.

  • Are commonly on Botox and CGRP Injections (i.e. Aimovig/Ajovy)- taken at the same time
  • Have already tried chiropractic (and sometimes physical therapy & massage) to some effect
  • Are often on various diets (There are many of them, but they often stop working with the most intense headache & migraine cases I see because of a deeper issue.)
  • Are still left constantly avoiding triggers
  • Are desperate enough to consider invasive surgery

Frequently, in the search for lasting relief, many patients (before seeing me) have already seen 5 or more different specialists.


And after all of this, here’s what they’re usually told by their neurologist:


“We don’t know why you get headaches and migraines.”


Sound familiar?


I recently (as of the original start of the writing of this email) started with a patient who’d had headache and migraine issues (chronic migraines) for 37 years (since she was 12).


In this process, she’d already seen a Neurologist, Ophthalmologist for eye pain or dry eye, Gastro-enterologist for nausea, reflux, bowel issues, etc., and a Dentist for TMJ issues.


However, she was still having symptoms like these:

  • Sinus pressure
  • Eye pain and dryness
  • Forehead pain
  • Top of head and base of skull pain
  • Jaw tightness
  • Nausea
  • Lightheadedness
  • Constant tightness in upper shoulders and shoulder blades


She’d already been on medications for some time. Here are the main ones she had taken:

  • Migranal (dihydroergotamine - commonly administered in ER’s)
  • Nurtec ODT (fast-acting, new anti-CGRP med)
  • Relpax and Imitrex (both fast-acting triptans)
  • Topamax (long-term preventive)
  • Propranolol (beta blocker - commonly used off-label for migraines)

All in all, she’d tried the following treatments (to minimal or no effect):

  • Preventive medications such as Topamax, Propranolol, Amitriptyline, Depakote, Gabapentin/Neurontin, etc.
  • Injections (Botox & Sumapril)
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic
  • Massage Therapy

And after all these things, she was absolutely desperate.


She had ended up on an overlap of meds listed above, with the daily ones being Topamax and propranolol and the as-needed ones being Migranal (had been taking for 5-6 years), Nurtec, and Relpax or Imitrex.


She was also still getting a Botox injection every 3 months.


For the Migranal, she was paying $4,600 out of pocket per month.


And after all of this, she was still getting a 9 out of 10 pain level during the pain bouts –


after all of these different interventions.


She still had symptoms 4 days per week (average) with her Chronic migraines (in this case without aura).


Now here’s the thing:


She’s doing fantastic now.


I’ve gotten her off of her meds.


This is just 1 example of many cases I’ve already seen.


There are potentially hundreds of patient cases I’ve seen similar to the level of what was just described above.


Every day, I feel so blessed to be a part of the transformational process in achieving lasting relief and freedom from these issues for difficult-case patients.


- Dr. Turner  

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