The Beginning of Lasting Migraine & Headache Relief


Dr. Turner (Bio Here):


32 Years ago, I started out as a lower-back nerve pain specialist in San Antonio, TX, and back then, many of my patients were showing up to their sessions with migraines and headaches.


After about 15 years as a lower-back nerve specialist, I noticed something quite interesting:


When I applied my experience in the lower back up higher towards the neck, patients’ migraine and headache symptoms consistently started moving around in the head, face, and often, the shoulders as well.


During sessions, patients began reporting that their migraine as well as headache symptoms were not only moving to different locations, but also, in a few cases I was seeing, actually clearing as well.


At the time, I didn’t know what this all could mean.


However, my experiences with these symptoms in the neck lead me to think that there was much more behind these issues that others really hadn’t understood up to that point regarding migraines and headaches.  


Back then when I was starting to see these issues, I thought the best solutions were medications and injections.


However, I also knew that patients were showing up with migraines & headaches: still with intensive migraine & headache problems even after the medications and injections.


That’s when I decided to find a real solution to these migraine & headache symptom problems that would last for patients.


And one important thing I knew: this methodology applied in the upper neck was highly predictable.  


When it was applied up higher in the neck, the methodology was able to predictably control symptoms in a similar way across different types of patient cases.


This lead me to think that this methodology was working at a potentially deeper level than the medications, injections, and other treatments.


I suspected that it could even be working at more of a “root” level, but didn't know for certain.


However, although this methodology was predictable in moving migraine & headache symptoms, it wasn't developed enough at that time to actually get migraine & headache sufferers effective or lasting relief.


The initial results, however, were definitely promising.


So, many years of migraine-headache research and application started, as I tried to find a true solution.


I spared no expense to find a lasting answer to these migraine and headache problems, to make them stop (and stay gone if possible).


Over a series of years, I and my clinic tried many things like:

  • Proprietary mediation & injection combinations (Prescribed by an MD colleague of mine)
  • Acupuncture (Licensed acupuncturist used to be at my clinic)
  • Laser
  • Joint manipulation
  • Traction
  • EMG Biofeedback
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Deep tissue work
  • Other treatment methods in addition

In the end, after trying all these different treatments & methodologies, we saw how few things were working effectively to get patients the relief they needed to be rid of these issues.


Patients were still showing up to their sessions on their migraine & headache medications and injections, on special diets/avoiding triggers, and, often, still attending chiropractic, massage, or physical therapy sessions.


These were debilitating issues where really nothing seemed to be truly working to get my patients the lasting relief they needed.


I wanted patients to attain true freedom from these issues: without the need for the endless treatments, therapies, medications, injections, trigger avoidance, and endless relief sessions.


The problem is, when we found something that did work, we found the results quickly “died off”.


The results weren't lasting.


That means there really wasn't a solution we saw: because the treatment either didn't work well enough, or had to be repeated in an "endless cycle". 


This continued for years at our clinic, and in the end, I found nothing we tried to be lasting enough to get patients the migraine and headache relief they needed so they could finally get rid of these issues without continued treatments.


In fact, at one point in my career (about 14 years ago), we had something at my clinic we called the “bone cabinet”.


This cabinet was full of devices and mechanisms I’d tried over years to get my patients migraine & headache relief.


I remember looking at the “bone cabinet” in my office many years ago- full of so many treatment and therapy devices.


I remember thinking about all the time & money I’d spent on getting rid of these migraine and headache problems for patients:


all the sleepless nights,


all the research and implementation.


I'd done everything I could, and it wasn't enough. 


I finally realized how few things really worked for migraines and headaches- particularly for the more intensive cases I saw.  


And my frustration was: of these few things that did somewhat work, none of them truly were resulting in lasting relief for patients.


They all had to be repeated over & over again.


Patients were still having these issues, while on:

  • Medications
  • Injections
  • Chiropractic
  • Acupuncture
  • Physical Therapy
  • Supplements
  • Special Diets
  • Laser
  • Traction
  • EMG Biofeedback
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Relaxation training
  • and many others in addition...

At that moment, something clicked.


I had a very important realization that would shape the next part of my career.


Here it is:


My Realization: The only thing at this point that is worth me pursuing is the true cause behind migraines and headaches. Nothing else matters, because if I can't actually fix what's causing them, then they'll always come back again & again, no matter what relief treatment, therapy, or intervention I use.


After that point, things absolutely changed for me. I decided to go fully into the methodology I spoke of earlier:


the methodology that was able to predictably move both migraine and headache symptoms around in the upper neck.


(In fact, it's important to realize that all the migraine & headache nerves must pass through the neck.)


Along the way to finding an answer to these issues, I discovered that it’s crucial to get the headache and migraine symptoms to go away in a particular order.


I also later discovered that the order of symptom manipulation had to be much different than the lower back methodology I was using. That's because the techniques for the lower back weren’t translating so well to the neck.


These were different structures in a different location. They had to be treated differently.


So over a few years, I developed a symptom-clearing system & algorithm made to predictably clear migraine and headache symptoms in an exact order to make these issues "taper away" for patients.


For the first time (in the history of my migraine & headache career), I felt I was actually close to finally finding the answer to migraines and headaches that had eluded me for so long.


And every day, the results I was seeing were promising, and very much excited me.


Over a period of around 3 years, I spent countless hours working on and perfecting a process to take patients from their "endless cycles" of temporary relief to lasting relief without the need for endless treatments.


After every patient session, I logged each session with detailed notes to make the connections I needed to predictably fix these issues across many various types of patient cases.


And here's what happened after all this time:


After all the years of nothing working, and still many more years developing a proven system I was working on to get rid of these issues at a "root" level:


Patients started getting better.


They started stopping not 1, not 2:


but all of their medications and injections- in addition to not needing their chiropractic and massage sessions any longer.


My patients started to experience the true freedom from migraines & headaches that many of them had been looking for- often for decades.


This System was proving itself to be highly effective, and working for those who'd tried nearly everything else without substantial success.


The good news is that the outcomes were not only the best I (or my patients) had seen,:


but they were consistent & predictable, working across many different types of cases.


Eventually, after my successes with different patient cases, neurologists started sending their patients to me.


Now, I’m fortunate enough to consult even neurologists and chiropractors for their migraines and headaches.


So that’s how the NerveCode™ Advanced Treatment System and Program was born.


It’s taken me 10's of thousands of hours of detailed symptom tracking and thousands of patients of experience to get to this point fixing intensive & debilitating migraines, headaches, and, often in addition, neuralgia and radiculopathy-associated symptoms as well.


And it all started with a crucial truth that took me years to find, and many more years to perfect:


That there’s a way, a "Nerve Code" if you will, to get these often-overlooked nerve issues to finally clear (and go away) by fixing them from where they start instead of temporary relieving them, and seeming to not get anywhere.


It’s been my vision for so long to provide what I believe to be the true solution to headaches and migraines.


And that’s a goal I believe we’ve achieved at Texas Migraine Clinic.


To Your Relief,

- Dr. Turner 

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