After one on-site evaluation session (preferably), Dr. Turner can work with you remotely using either Skype or FaceTime.  However, if that’s not a possibility, 100% remote evaluation/treatment is possible.  In this (latter) scenario, Dr. Turner will need to screen you briefly to assure that you’re a viable candidate for this approach (no charge for this screening).

skype-screen-shot-photoDuring remote sessions, Dr. Turner figures out which neck movements or positions abolish your symptoms in real-time, using the same testing algorithm that he uses in the clinic.

He then empowers you to treat yourself effectively, step-by-step. By learning how to self-treat the current problem, you’re not only armed to knock your symptoms out as soon as you notice them coming on.  You’re also empowered to minimize the risk of recurrence and progressively heal to the point that you’ll very likely leave “pain management” therapies and interventions behind.