(Statistics are captured electronically). Last update 7/20/16

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After 6 weeks of therapy, decrease in frequency of symptoms:

Headaches72% decrease
Migraines93% decrease
Sinus pressure63% decrease
Eye dryness69% decrease
Eye pain89% decrease
Ear fullness50% decrease
Nausea88% decrease
Dizziness93% decrease
Jaw tightness63% decrease
Tooth pain85% decrease
Upper shoulder tightness58% decrease
Shoulder blade tightness75% decrease
Arm/hand numbness/tingling96% decrease

Migraines Reduced

Although not guaranteed due to individual variability, the following bulleted points indicate a general overview of expected outcomes that we observe with this system:
Symptom improvement:  (headache + migraine frequency):

  • At 6 weeks: 72% decrease in frequency of headaches, 93% decrease in frequency of migraines
  • At 12 weeks: 95% symptom reduction, both headaches and migraines + nausea/dizziness
  • Then, steady, consistent absence of all symptoms as nerve systems and neck structures calm down

Further improvement occurs as neck tissues heal and nerves calm down over time.  The bulk of therapy (~88%) is completed at 6 weeks in most cases, when rapid improvement occurs, as indicated above (bulleted points).  Progression to a consistent absence of symptoms is contingent on follow-through of an independent home program that averages a total of 9 months. This time frame for healing is very similar to the time required for total healing of other structures, such as severe hip, knee, or shoulder injuries.  Some patients continue to experience ongoing symptoms, though they’re routinely less frequent, less intense, and not as spread out into the head and face after implementing the mechanics of this System.