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About Dr. Turner

Jeff Turner, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT received his initial training at TWU in the Houston Medical Center in 1986, folloTurner shotwed by a clinical doctorate from Boston University in 2008. He has 12 years of experience as a head/neck specialist, evaluating and treating thousands of headache and migraine clients with a very detailed system that tracks symptom frequency, symptom intensity, and symptom location each and every session. This meticulous attention to detail and extensive experience have revealed that symptoms are routinely rapidly-reversible nerve problems, with rare exception. Clients quickly learn how to shut off nerve irritation in their neck that cascades up into their head and face- and commonly into the associated (vagus) nerve system that produces lightheadedness, nausea, and reflux (GERD).  All symptoms then rapidly become less intense, less frequent, then consistently absent altogether in most cases, as healing occurs.

An Interview with Dr. Turner

The “Slump Test”, or “FAST Test” That Dr. Turner refers to at the end of the video (above):

Our Goal and Strategy

contact us - texas migraine clinicWe are here to uncover the central source of the nerve problems causing your symptoms. We also reveal how you can systematically abolish your symptoms whenever you need to, so you can stay consistently pain-free and heal.   This system of evaluation and treatment an inexpensive, safe, common-sense approach that empowers you to fix your pain and symptom problems, no matter your location.  Symptoms rapidly become more absent over time.  We routinely free clients from ongoing therapies, pain management interventions, and medications by fixing the root source of headaches, migraines, and associated symptoms.

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