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Dr. Jeff Turner, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT

Texas Migraine Clinic
13750 San Pedro, Suite 200
Comerica Bank Plaza
San Antonio, Texas 78232
Phone: 210-402-2920
Fax: 210-403-9827



Texas Migraine Clinic

We’re conveniently located in North central San Antonio on 281 and Bitters, between Loops 410 & 1604, on the access road. It’s the large, silver Comerica Bank building, just next to Olive Garden, Home Depot, and Target.

Our Goal and Strategy

We are here to uncover the central source of the nerve problems causing your symptoms. We also reveal how you can systematically abolish your own symptoms whenever you need to, so you can stay consistently pain-free and heal.

We use a detailed evaluation system to sort out which gentle, repeated neck movements make your varied symptoms go away systematically. This includes both your head, neck, and upper body, as well as your low back and buttocks/hip/legs, if that’s also an issue for you.  Significant relief usually occurs within seconds during the initial evaluation, once the mechanics of your specific problem are identified.

Armed with this information, symptoms rapidly become less frequent and less intense, then consistently absent as you proactively abolish them whenever they occur.


Evaluations are painless and only take about an hour. Schedule your evaluation by calling us at 210-402-2920.  This is an inexpensive, safe, common-sense approach which focuses on empowering you to fix your own pain and symptom problems. We target fast and lasting outcomes.missionmed 02-23