Disclaimer: The information included on this website is a professional opinion from 17 years of experience, observation of thousands of patients, and research of available medical literature. However, the speed and effectiveness of results of our system may vary from person to person. This system is not a panacea for all headache/migraine conditions. In addition, outcomes for candidates of this system are primarily contingent upon the level of adherence and engagement in self-treatment concepts. Advanced spinal degeneration may be present, which can complicate improvement or progression. Also, certain medications may alter symptom response (e.g., narcotics, migraine preventives). If you're concerned about the source of your headaches or migraines, or about your treatment approach, contact your Dr. or specialist for medical advice.


Discover the Source of your many symptoms. Today!

In most cases, within only a few minutes you'll understand through near-instant response of your symptoms where their source is. If you're a candidate for our Treatment, gain the understanding you need to leave your many symptoms behind, and move forward into the active and healthy life that’s been put on hold. Your family, your friends, and your coworkers will probably take notice before even you do when you have the focus and energy without the pain and the ability to fulfill whatever personal functional goals you have. That's what we're all about- helping you to achieve those goals as fast as possible after we believe you're a good fit for our Treatment.



The process begins with a thorough history and testing of postures, repeated movements, and sustained positions in our clinic (initial evaluation). Observing your symptom changes in real-time, we identify distinct patterns of pain and movement responses that are objective, reproducible, and reliable. We then empower you to treat yourself effectively, safely restoring full mobility and function. By learning how to self-treat the current problem, you minimize the risk of recurrence and rapidly self-treat recurrence if it occurs...

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-Christie N.

My headaches got so bad that I was having daily migraines for several months. I was having problems functioning at work, sitting all day at a computer. It affected my vision. I just wanted to go home and got to bed and stay out of the light. And I’m a very active person. . . kayaking, hiking, gardening. Now I don’t have headaches or migraines. It’s wonderful. I’m very excited about it.

-Christie N.


Treatment with this system is comparatively inexpensive. It also has amazing value from ending ongoing costs of time and money for ongoing medical and alternative therapies.

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I had severe headaches for a whole year before I came here. I was also dizzy. I could only sleep for 2 solid hours per night . . . my sleep was very interrupted. Now the horrible pain in the entire left side of my head is gone. And I can sleep an entire 8 hours if I want to and without pain. I thought it might be a brain tumor, but you figured out that it was my trigeminal nerve. For me, it’s a miracle.

-Olga L.


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