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Some of Our Testimonials:

"... I have had migraines for 25 years and finally have relief with no pain killers."

- Michelle Fox

Google Review

"Dr. Turner was able to get me out of pain that I have had daily for 30 years."

Paige Humphreys

Google Review

"... I had tried pretty much everything else: chiropractor, massage, and even surgery. Nothing had helped until now."

- Jean Goff

- Google Review

"... I am off botox and all other migraine meds now. It has been life changing!"

- Rachel Simpson

Google Review

"My weekly “suicide” headaches are gone! I praise God for Dr. Turner!"

Scott Mitchell

Google Review

"I am way overdue for Botox and I am feeling better than I have in a decade!!!! Thank you, Dr. Turner!!!"

DeAnna Roso

Google Review

"It's life-changing to be able to live life and not fear headaches."

Lynn Partain

Facebook Review

"Dr. Turner has been a life changer for me after having migraines for 30 years. I wish I would have found out about him sooner."

- Theresa Webb

Facebook Review

"Finally, I found Dr. Turner on Google and he has changed my life! I no longer get migraines and I'm no longer in constant pain."

Drew Teague

Google Review

"I never thought I’d know what it felt like to not worry about getting migraines & headaches & no longer have to plan my life around them! Highly recommend, I only wish I’d found him sooner!"

- Madeleine Paul

Facebook Review

"I have not experienced any migraines since I started the treatment plan with Dr. Turner."

Nancy Delacruz

Google Review

"I wish I would have found him years ago!! I have suffered with migraines since I was 9. I am now 48 and this treatment worked."

- Lisa Fucci-Smith

Facebook Review

"After using Dr. Turner’s therapy I have not woken up with a headache or had a migraine in over a month."

- DeAnn Paxton

Google Review

"Dr. Turner was able to help me completely eliminate my daily after-work headaches through his treatment."

- Catherine Boenitz

Google Review

 "Dr. Turner is the opposite of the drug pushing, symptom masking, test taking doctor.  He WILL get to the bottom of your issue and FIX it forever! If you have migraines, you need Dr. Turner!"

- Brooke Clock

Google Review

"Dr. Turner turned my life around and did it without having to take any medication."

- Stuart Bakay

Google Review

"Thanks Dr Turner for letting me know what the x-rays failed to reveal."

- Youssef Mokhtar

Facebook Review

"Dr. Turner is a master of his craft."

- Brett Cohen

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What We Do

At Texas Migraine Clinic, we fix headaches, migraines, and related symptoms at the source (where they start) so patients can achieve lasting relief for the most intense, difficult, and severe headache, migraine, and related-symptom issues. Our treatment then allows them to stop avoiding triggers, and finally find freedom in life – for potentially lifelong and debilitating issues.

Instead of temporarily preventing or numbing the headaches & migraines like many of the other non-lasting treatment options (such as medications, injections, etc.), our specialty is actually fixing the source & true cause of the headaches & migraines (from where they start from), so that they can stop and stay gone. This means that what we do is very different from other treatments. It frequently results in years of lasting relief & freedom from headaches, migraines, and related symptoms. The reason this is possible is because when the cause is fixed, there’s nothing to trigger or cause the headaches, migraines, and associated symptoms.*

Patients before us have usually already been to & seen multiple neurologists, doctors, and/or other practitioners, but were never told that they had disc and/or joint issues pinching and/or obstructing the nerves along their master headache & migraine nerve pathway (where all the headache & migraine nerves converge & route together in the upper neck). This explains why no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't be freed of their headaches & migraines for lasting relief.

Nearly all patients we see have issues along this master nerve pathway in the upper neck, where all the nerves converge. As mentioned, these issues are frequently overlooked commonly causing 20+ year headache, migraine, and related symptom issues in patients - even for patients on stacked medications & injections (multiple taken at the same time).

When these issues are finally fixed & corrected, patients’ headaches & migraines can stop altogether – often resulting in a complete absence of symptoms: even for those who’ve had headaches and/or migraines for often decades.*

nerves in headsymptom-tracking-cervical-head-face

Who It's For

Our Treatment is made for those who have very difficult, severe, and intensive headache and migraine cases. Often, these cases we have success with have been through many invasive headache & migraine treatments for more than 20 years without finding the lasting relief they were looking for. Treatments many patients try without success before us often include: medications, injections, physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, and many other therapies & treatments.

We prefer treating more difficult & intensive cases, but are open to other cases as well. This is because when patients have already seen multiple neurologists, doctors, and other specialists before us with the most intensive and/or lifelong headache & migraine cases, symptoms, and problems, they are usually more desperate to find a true solution to their headaches, migraines, and related symptoms, and realize the importance of everything we say to help them achieving the relief they've been looking for.

Our Perfect Patient

This Treatment is specifically made for patients who:

  • Have difficult, very severe, or highly resilient headache & migraine cases that aren't responding well (or at all) to such treatments as medications & injections
  • Are tired of endless cycles of temporary relief and relief solutions (cases often lasting 20 years or more with many patients having already seen 5 or more specialists including neurologists, doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and other practitioners without finding the relief they were looking for)
  • Are tired of avoiding headache & migraine triggers all the time
  • Are tired of being on multiple medications & injections or the side effects from them (oftentimes having taken many different types & often having taken both at the same time)
  • Want to fix their headache & migraine issues for good (instead of constantly spending their time & finances on many different therapies & treatments which are only getting them short-term relief)
  • Want a powerful alternative to surgery
  • Want true, lasting freedom in life from headaches & migraines

It's Made for the Most Resilient & Difficult Cases.

Because what we do is made to actually fix the cause behind headaches & migraines, it tends to succeed where medications, injections, and other treatments couldn't. This frequently results in us solving cases where patients frequently have had headaches, migraines, or related symptoms for more than 20 years before seeing us. It's very common they've seen multiple neurologists, doctors, and practitioners before us without finding the relief they were looking for all along.

Not Just for Texas Patients

You don't have to be in Texas to get the Treatment.

We’ve spent thousands of hours doing remote treatment sessions for patients from the US, and many different countries. Simply put, the remote treatment system for Advanced Treatment is extremely robust. These sessions occur over the Zoom app, and we’ve found, the remote sessions have provided identical outcomes to the in-clinic cases we’ve seen because of the advanced symptom tracking methods we use and have refined in such great detail.

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