The experience of stiffness when your spine suddenly goes from sitting to standing is a great sign.  It implies that your disc, though damaged, still "moves around".  In other words, the jelly inside the jelly-filled doughnut (low back disc) can apparently be shifted with different positions, like sitting, then standing.  That being the case, chances are excellent that this System can reveal how to shift the disc jelly the RIGHT way consistently, so that the damaged, torn or herniated disc can quickly begin repairing itself.  Pinched nerves then quickly calm down, and stop referring symptoms into your buttock, hips, thighs, calves, or feet.*

Quick Test Reveals Source of Pinched Nerve Symptoms

Plus, How You'll Be Empowered Fix it Without Surgery

In Most Cases

Dr. Turner uses a highly-specialized form of very detailed low back disc and nerve testing algorithms. This real-time, logical testing method involves various painless, repeated low back movements and sustained positions to sort out even the most difficult pain and symptom problems.*


Once he discovers which movements and positions shut off all of your spread-out symptoms, he then teaches you how to do the same thing. That's the key to healing that's lasting.  It's routine to achieve total abolishment of all symptoms after only 3 days of self-treatment, including buttock, hip, hamstring, calf, foot, etc. Dr. Turner averages 5 sessions total for complex nerve impingement problems in the low back, including severe sciatica- and without ongoing therapies after discharge.*


"Dr. Turner is my hero of the year. I was experiencing severe sciatic nerve pain shooting down my leg since February. Even was considering surgery if I could not find relief. In July, I discovered Dr. Turner and after a thorough evaluation he explained what was going on, what the solutions are and gave me a timetable of what my recovery should be. I find Dr. Turner to be thorough, caring, well versed in his field and a pleasure to be treated by him."

-Dean Travis, Owner/CEO of Pet's Barn stores"


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