See if the Advanced Treatment is a Good Fit for You

Thank you for your interest in lasting relief. To schedule a consult with Dr. Turner (Dr. Turner's Bio Available Here), please fill in the form below. After it's submitted, a receptionist will get back to you to set up a consult time.

The consult is currently free to attend, and we are completely open and transparent with applicants. In addition, based on extensive, internal data that we've developed over many years and thousands of cases, we can in most all cases accurately and consistently determine if applicants are a good fit before they decide to have our Treatment. However, it's rare cases aren't a good fit for what we do.

More Details About the Consultation with Dr. Turner:

  • 20 Minutes: We are currently offering this consult for free, but Dr. Turner’s time is worth a lot.
  • Allows applicants to get their questions answered: It's common to have questions about the Advanced Treatment, and this consult helps answer such questions.
  • Helps determine if applicants are a good fit: Allows us to determine with high accuracy if applicants are a good fit for the Advanced Treatment (After 1000’s of patient cases, we have found different, important metrics to look for prior to treatment.)
  • Can be outside of Texas: No need to be in Texas (Both this consult - and Advanced Treatment sessions - happen over Zoom, which we can help applicants get set up with.)
  • What’s behind the headaches / migraines: The consult provides applicants with often-overlooked knowledge of what’s actually behind the headaches, migraines, and often other related symptoms (often even if they’ve seen multiple specialists such as neurologists).
  • Often uncovers multiple headache and migraine issues: Which are often masked over by medications (such as triptans) or injections (such as Botox/CGRP injectables) – Many applicants we see that have more advanced cases are taking Triptans in addition to Botox + CGRP injections.
  • No obligation and our value for transparency: We believe in letting you know if we believe the Treatment is a good fit first before you even decide to have it.
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