About NerveCode™

NerveCode™ is the highly specialized and optimized coaching system Texas Migraine Clinic uses to see client headache & migraine cases outside of Texas with the same treatment results and outcomes as the Advanced Treatment for Texas patients. All clients must agree to the NerveCode™ terms.

Through NerveCode™, sessions occur over the Zoom™ app between client and specialist.


The NerveCode™ Advanced Program

Phase 1: NerveCheck™: Diagnostic Phase - Determining Fit & Diagnostic Analysis

A: The Consultation Session (20 Minutes)

During the consultation phase, we see if applicants are a good fit for the highly optimized NerveCode™ coaching system. This occurs on a 20-minute consultation call, which we help applicants get set up with after they take the Admission Survey (below).

B: The Assessment Session (45 Minutes)

During the analysis phase of NerveCode™ (at the "Assessment Session"), the specialist asks the client to perform gentle, specific, detailed movements in order to identify the any and all issues that could be causing the nerves to generate migraines and/or headaches.

This process is so developed, that we can pinpoint with high accuracy the exact locations of these issues in the cervical spine without needing an X-ray or CT scan, except in some rare cases needing an MRI.*

We're confident in our process and outcomes. Therefore, at this session (your first payed session with us), it's currently FREE if you're not satisfied with the session for any reason, and you let us know within 30 days by emailing us at [email protected] that you weren't satisfied. No Questions Asked. Again, we can afford this because our case success and take rates are so high, and we care about your success.

Phase 2: NerveControl™: Recovery Phase (6 Sessions) - The Main Program

During the correctional and coaching phase of the NerveCode™ Program, the specialist has the client perform non-diagnostic, correctional movements to fix the cause of their headaches & migraines. These tailored “micro-movements” work to shift the structures around the migraine & headache nerves, so that the nerves can run freely without obstruction. In most all client cases, these obstructions occur along the master headache & migraine nerves in the cervical spine- often causing 30+ year issues that have went overlooked by multiple doctors, neurologists and other specialists.*

These “micro-movements” (1) are not only different for nearly every patient, but also (2) must adapt as treatment progresses to achieve optimal results and freedom from migraines, headaches, and often other related symptoms in addition.*

Phase 3: NerveSecure™: Secure Phase - Confirming the Issues Stay Gone

Those admitted to our NerveCode™ Program are given access to our Gold Group for 1 year. Furthermore, we follow-up individuality with you for 3 months after the previous phase is complete (the Phase 2 Recovery Phase).

Our specialists, drawing from 18 years of extensive experience with countless cases, give all patients detailed instructions on exactly what to do to get rid of these problems and keep them gone.



These issues in the cervical spine, once corrected, in nearly all cases results in the complete absence of headache and migraine symptoms – even for the more complex cases with multiple conditions & seemingly unrelated symptom patterns occurring at once.

The goal and outcome of NerveCode™ in nearly all cases is that patients are so pain-free that they can stop all their treatments, including ours, once they stop having migraines, headaches, and often other related symptoms.* This makes it so that they can live life in freedom without the constant hassle of spending time & finances on temporary relief treatments.

To learn more about NerveCode™, its capabilities, or more specifics, please contact us HERE. If you'd like to get started or see if we'd be a good fit, take the Survey below. We'd be delighted to see if this case is a good fit.

Ready to Get Started?

The very first step to getting started with the NerveCode™ Program is to take our Admission Survey. You can go ahead and take it by clicking the button below. The Admission Survey helps us determine whether or not we believe you'll be a good fit for our Advanced Treatment.

Thank you, and we look forward to working with you!

*No upfront cost until you are approved, and you consent to Treatment.

*A receptionist will get back with you after the Admission Survey is taken.

*Still have Questions? CLICK HERE to visit our Quick-Answers FAQ HelpCenter.

Want more details on the NerveCode™ Advanced Program? See our summary document (Click Here), which explains the process in further detail.

Of course, do not hesitate to contact us with questions! We'd be happy to help!