Q: Why do I have such a problem with allergies and sinus pressure?

If your sinus symptoms tend to be better around 9AM (once you’ve been up and moving an hour or so), then worsening as the day goes on, around 2PM, it would most likely be from overloaded nerves in your neck. These neck nerves converge with your sinus nerves (see blue nerves in image to the right) in your brain stem. The reason for the consistent worsening in these symptoms later in the day is that your 8-lb. head can irritate your neck so badly by 2PM from sustained pressure that symptoms overflow into this nerve system, causing nose stuffiness and/or sinus pressure. This System targets the neck structures that cascade into that (sinus) nerve system, and calms it down so that it no longer spreads into that area. In fact, it’s the first symptom to be abolished with our approach, and reactivity to allergens typically ceases or is markedly less prevalent once this nerve system is calmed down through neck treatment targeting that (trigeminal) nerve system.


Q: Why do I have TMJ problems, and What can you do about it?

The primary headache nerve (the trigeminal nerve) controls one set of muscles in your entire head and face. Those are your masseter muscles, which close your jaws. When your headache (trigeminal) nerve is activated, it makes your jaw muscles constantly tight. That constant tightness jams your jaw joints together, leading to jaw joint popping and clicking in many cases. Your jaw joints simply aren’t designed to handle all of that constant compression (versus bouts of chewing a few times a day, with rest in between). Once you shut off the nerve irritation to the jaw muscles, they relax, and the joints have an environment to normalize and recover. Many get confused (especially Dentists) thinking the primary problem with headaches is the jaw joints themselves, so they fabricate a splint for you to keep your teeth apart, plus a muscle relaxer and an anti-inflammatory medication. However, that’s generally just a band-aid that can manage the symptoms, but not fix the problem. Discover how to shut off the nerve irritation that causes the jaw tightness in the first place. That’s your fast, natural, and lasting solution.

Q: What are the best exercises for me, since I suffer from headaches and migraines?


Click Here for a pdf that answers that question in detail.

Q: Why are my eyes so dry and itchy?

With headaches and migraines, it’s because your trigeminal nerve (your headache nerve) controls the tear ducts in your eyes. When this nerve is irritated, it’s common that it shuts off your tears (though some patients report excess tearing from this same nerve). Fixing the nerve irritation routinely restores normal hydration to your eyes, nearly instantly. Eye itchiness, eye pain, and eye pressure also quickly resolve as well, in the overwhelming majority of cases.


Q: Why do I have reflux with my headaches?


Researchers indicate that the vagus nerve, which controls your stomach and intestines, connects to the trigeminal nerve (a primary “headache nerve”) in your brain stem. In most cases, shutting off the irritation in your neck shuts off input into both of these nerve systems, which can be the answer to abolishing multiple symptom problems quickly, naturally, and long term.

Q: I notice that bright light really sets off my headaches and migraines. What’s the connection?

The trigeminal nerve that produces head and facial symptoms also supplies sensation to the white and clear parts of your eyes, as well as your tear ducts. It seems reasonable that bright light can heighten the irritation of this trigeminal nerve system to the point that it sets off your headache or migraine. Most all of us are familiar with a “brain freeze” when you hold ice cream or a snow cone on your front teeth. The apparent reason for that is because your teeth share the same nerve as your head and face (the trigeminal nerve).


This explanation of a stimulated trigeminal nerve would also likely apply when you feel that you need to sneeze, then you look at the sun to “make it happen”. This trigeminal nerve also controls your nose and sinuses, including sensation and mucus production. Your trigeminal nerve is activated when you feel that you need to sneeze, then you flood that nerve system further with super-bright light (the sun). This kicks the nerve firing threshold over-the-top, so to speak, resulting in the full-blown sneeze that you’d like to get out!

So, in summary, you might think of bright light stimulation of headaches (and the thankful production of a sneeze) as simply super-stimulation of the trigeminal nerve system from a source at the nerve endings (eyes, teeth, ears), versus from your brain stem (trigeminocervical nucleus). Once you calm down the brain stem over-sensitivity, the less “sparky” the trigeminal nerve system becomes. We call it “becoming bomb proof”, with relation to triggers that so commonly set off the trigeminal nerve. Once we fix the source of these issues, the common result is that patients no longer need to avoid triggers anymore (including light, sound, as well as nearly all other triggers).

Q: I’ve noticed that my child gets headaches and migraines, just like I do. Why?


We would suspect that your child inherited your neck anatomy. This can include neck disorders (like disc problems and joint inflammation), as well as an extra-touchy hub of nerve activity in your brainstem. That hub of nerve activity is located deep in your neck, just below the base of your skull. The black circles in the illustration show where this structure is, serving as an area where 4 major nerve systems converge and can overflow into one another. There has been some very exciting research from great minds about this “master switch” for headaches, migraines, and associated symptoms: as well as its communication with nerves in the neck (purple, dashed line). This research is published in numerous major peer-reviewed professional journals.

An easy way to help discern the source of your child’s symptoms is to look for a mechanical pattern that points to the neck, such as being consistently worse in the morning (from certain sleeping positions), or progressively worse as the day goes on. This symptom worsening often occurs by early afternoon, from overload of their 8-pound head on their neck structures. This symptom worsening implies a neck source. This is because it’s unlikely that tumors, blood vessel problems, blood pressure problems, or other scary things have a pattern like that. If there’s no pattern, or if there’s any other concern of course, consult your doctor.

Q: Can you reverse my Fibromyalgia and low back/leg pain, too?

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