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Natural Migraine Treatment

Finding a natural migraine treatment has always been the safest avenue. Some natural solutions may seemingly lose to drugs. However, other benefits can tip the scale. There are two types of natural migraine treatments: the class two type, and the class one type. The class two type is what you are most likely already familiar with. The class two type focuses on both preventing and managing the pain of headaches and migraines. This type is the most common form of migraine treatment. The Class One Type, however, has an entirely different focus.


The Class One Type method generally is the most preferred method for patients with headaches and migraines when undergoing treatment. This method is preferred because the Class One Type focuses on fixing the root issue that causes most migraines and headaches. Class one focuses on providing life free of migraines entirely. Class two focuses on improving your quality of life while living with headaches and migraines. Keep in mind; pain is your body's way of telling you that there is something wrong. You can either silence your body from telling you so by running from the pain and covering it up (Class two type), or you can gently assist your body in fixing the issue that causes the pain (Class one type).


Natural Migraine Relief Through Prevention and Management (Class two type: The War of Migraine Prevention and Management

The three main parts of this class are:

  1. Trigger avoidance
  2. Preventatives
  3. Pain Management


Migraine and Headache Triggers

If you have migraines, bright flashing lights or loud sounds are most likely, not your friends. These are just two small examples of migraine triggers. Trigger avoidance is the constant act of distancing yourself from what can maybe "trigger" or set off a migraine or headache. Because of how detrimental triggers are, this approach is the most common for fighting migraines in general. Whether one is on medications or seeking holistic ways of improving their quality of life, both use this method. Running from triggers can reduce the frequency or the intensity of headaches and migraines. But, it comes at the price of the freedom to experience many of the small pleasures in life… like chocolate, taking long walks, or even exercising. Who wants that? 


There are two main types of triggers if they are categorized: Bodily Stress and Mental Stress. Physical stress can be triggered by the environment, or from many other things. The environment may cause your body to fight to bring it back to balance. A few of these triggers may be low barometric pressure changes and hormone changes. Bodily stress can also trigger nerve irritation from physical activities. Working out, cleaning, or even doing moderate yard work are some examples of physical activities. Certain foods and drinks can also irritate headache and migraine nerves. 


Mental stress is different as a trigger. It includes such things as mood, emotions, and mental states. Mental stress is one of the most challenging triggers to avoid or to change because it is generally inherent with everyday responsibilities that you have. If you are a parent, you cannot exactly prevent interaction with your child, for example, because it stresses you out, and the same thing goes for work if you want to keep your job. 


Here are some triggers (look at the bottom of the page for a longer list): 

"Physical Stress" Triggers


  • Physical Activities: Running, swimming, weightlifting, long walks, long car trips, gardening, etc.
  • Foods & Drinks: Chocolate, Caffeine, Cheese, Beans, Nuts, Onions, Tomatoes, Alcohol, not enough water, not enough food, etc.
  • Food Additives: MSG, Nitrates/Nitrites, Aspartame, etc.
  • Environment: Smells, Light, Sounds, Temperature, Weather, etc.


"Mental Stress" Triggers 

  • Activities, environments, or life responsibilities


Natural Migraine and Headache Preventatives (Prophylaxis) & Pain Management Methods

Migraine preventatives (for instance, Topamax to be taken daily) or newer anti-CGRP injectables, such as Aimovig and Emgality) are not intended to relieve pain or shut down a migraine attack. Instead, their intended use is to minimize the frequency and intensity of pain attacks. Natural preventatives, however, can also be used effectively for both prevention and management of migraine attacks. For instance, concentrated ginger has proven itself in a quality peer-reviewed medical journal to be essentially as potent as Imitrex in the study's migraine population. 


Both preventatives and pain management will be covered together rather than separately. Both methods for migraine preventatives and pain management either work together or can perform both functions. If physical stress and perceived stress can trigger migraines and headaches, there are two options left. If you do not focus on removing the root issue, they are either: 1) Distancing yourself from the triggers, or 2) Finding what brings the opposite effect of stress. The opposite effect of stress is only delivered by relaxation or the release of tension. So we will be focusing on Ginger, Supplements, Acupuncture, Massage, and Chiropractic, all of which reduce stress in one way or another.


Ginger is the first preventative and pain manager we will be covering. It has long been known for its anti-inflammatory properties and for its ability to face off Nausea, IBS, and other things similar to an upset stomach. Not only do migraines sometimes come with nausea, which is ginger's specialty, but ginger is also able to reduce and prevent migraine headache intensity and frequency. Ginger's ability to do this may be due to the increase of serotonin levels ginger has been known to produce, and its anti-inflammatory effect on the Vagus nerve. It is something worth taking daily, even if you never get migraines. 


As far as taking ginger goes, you can take it as an extract, as a supplement, and put it in food. You can also find ginger in lozenges, teas, and drinks (ginger ale generally does not have enough). Get creative, and the more, the merrier! Although taking too much can cause some side effects (rashes, diarrhea, gas, heartburn, etc.). You should not have to worry about those, however.



Research also supports the supplements magnesium, Petasites hybridus, and Riboflavin in descending order of preference in the prevention of migraines. 


Magnesium- Magnesium is potentially the most reliable natural migraine preventative supplement available. As far as foods that have magnesium go, many are triggers for migraines. If you cannot find magnesium-rich foods that you can eat, finding it in supplement form should not be difficult. (Magnesium Oxide) There is a limit to how much you should take due to side effects.


Petasites Hybridus (Butterbur)- Alongside Magnesium, Petasites Hybridus is a powerful migraine and headache preventative. It is not difficult to find as a supplement.


Riboflavin (Vitamin B-12)– Though Riboflavin may not be as effective as magnesium and butterbur with migraine prevention, it can be taken alongside both safely. 


Pain Management Methods

Massage and Acupuncture are quite similar in comparison in comparison for migraine and headache treatment. The focus of both when treating migraines is getting the muscles to relax. Tensed muscles are indicative of nerve irritation due to tissue damage. Massage and Acupuncture for migraines do not get to the root of the issue (the reason for the nerve irritation). However, they can temporarily reduce the symptoms and frequency by pulling your body out of its stressed state. 


Chiropractic could also be thrown up there with massage and Acupuncture, however, the joints are more of a focus in this practice. Where massage and Acupuncture focus on tension release in muscles, Chiropractic practices focus on joints to release muscular tension and stress. Chiropractic does not have lasting effects but is useful for temporarily holding symptoms at bay.


Regarding a Lasting Natural Migraine Treatment (Type One Class)

Approaching Victory by Finding the Root 

Before getting into this specific treatment system, a general background knowledge base is necessary to know. Dr. Jeffery Turner, Ph.D., for over a decade, has been one of the few pioneer leaders in the field of migraine and headache pathophysiology and treatment. Pathophysiology for migraines is the study of the actual biological issue behind them and how it affects the body. 2003 was the year he first came across what he saw to be the root of migraines and headaches.


While those in the neurology field looked towards new innovative ways to manage the pain through medications, and through the observance of the nervous system, Dr. Turner stepped back to look at the bigger picture. He found that when approaching migraines and headaches, all angles have to be considered. Looking at the issue from the standpoint of physical therapy alone was not enough. Nor was it adequate to only look at it from a neurological perspective. As a Physical therapist, it was commonplace to rehab the human body into functioning the way it was intended to work. It was the practice of either speeding up the healing process of the injury, or assisting the body in healing injuries that would not heal on their own. 


Approaching rehab for physiological issues that cause nervous inflammation has always been an interest and focus of Dr. Turner. This approach requires knowledge and research of Neurology, Physical Therapy, as well as numerous other fields of expertise.


To establish his practice, Dr. Turner established Texas Migraine Clinic. Over time, he has become one of the few practitioners to successfully fix many patients' migraine problems entirely. Some no longer need any form of treatment for their headaches and migraines any longer. And this is without invasive means such as surgery.


Since 2003, Dr. Turner has worked alongside numerous colleagues and with thousands of patients to relentlessly develop and perfect this treatment system. It has not gained much publicity until recently where it is now beginning to grow. Dr. Ron Calvanio, a professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School, personally contacted Dr. Turner. He did this after seeing Dr. Turner's findings and connections between the nerve connections of the head and neck and the underlying issue of what inflames them. Dr. Turner was told that these findings would be a "game-changer" in the realm of migraine pathophysiology and their treatments. Dr. Turner was also offered a way to conduct a quality medical study for publication using the evaluation and treatment system he developed.


In the years to come, we are moving towards beginning research. Currently, we are expanding, making it possible to finally free more people of this debilitating, and life-stealing issue.


Does it work for everyone?

No, though, it works for the majority of people with migraines. There are many different factors to consider, and everyone's issue may differ slightly. The chance of migraines and headaches coming from a different root is a possibility. Still, it rarely is the case when considering the patients we have treated.


This treatment is completely non-invasive and is only to assist your body in fixing itself where the issue lies. Your body cannot heal on its own unless the root issue is resolved. No matter which treatment system you pursue, we are hoping the best for you.  

Take the quiz below to see if you might be a candidate for our Advanced Treatment for natural headache & migraine relief:

Dr. Turner helped to relieve my tension headaches with his fresh approach on migraine treatment. I am forever grateful I found him : )
Molly Rodriguez
Molly Rodriguez
I am extremely grateful I saw the Texas Migraine Clinic on Facebook. At first I was hesitant because of all the scams you see preying on those desperate for help with serious issues, such as migraines. My views on migraines really aligned with Dr. Turner and Mr. Horton’s. I didn’t want to receive Botox treatments for the rest of my life, or take medication for relief until the day I die. I am so incredibly happy with the results of my appointments. I cannot thank these two enough for changing my life. This not only affects me, but my family as well. I can finally be present. I am no longer worried about what excedrin is doing to my liver, and I can relax knowing my migraine won’t sneak up when we go on a day out. Thank you so much.
Andrew & Erica Coulter
Andrew & Erica Coulter
Jack Z
Jack Z
I have struggled with migraines and tension headaches my whole life. I have been to countless doctors and specialists looking for answers and solutions to fix the problem. Over the last several months, my symptoms were getting worse and I was seeing every kind of doctor and specialist I could to find out why but no one had any answers or solutions for me. My husband stumbled across Dr Jeff Turner and his practice during an online search to find me the next doctor to meet and check me out, and from the very first appt with him, I was cured. For the first time in months, I no longer had a migraine. I was not sore and achey. My shoulders had no more pain. The pain in my jaw and temples was gone. Dr TurnerWas thorough and very knowledgeable. He was calm and patient and actually listened to my concerns and frustrations. He provided me with the tools for me to get better and to eventually be pain free for good. I finally felt heard and understood and I was able to let my guard down and trust him when I had completely given up on doctors and professionals. I can genuinely say that Dr Turner has completely changed my life in just a few short visits. I went from sore and tense and tired and in pain and basically useless to fully functioning, happy, energetic and involved again. I highly recommend Dr Jeff Turner with the Texas Migraine Clinic to any and all that may be struggling with headaches, tension or nerve pain.
Savannah Vogel
Savannah Vogel
Wow!I have been searching for years for someone to help me with my chronic pain and I have finally found them here! I have suffered for over 30 years with migraines and thought I would never get relief from anything except prescription medications.Through the course of my treatments, Dr. Jeff and Stuart have worked with me on my constant neck pain and chronic migraines. My customized program was easy and results came quickly. I have more energy, sleep better, have way less pain, better range of motion, and I don't need to rely on prescription medications as much for relief. I am so grateful to them. If you are suffering from chronic migraine pain, then this could be your solution as well.
Pam Vamplew
Pam Vamplew
Before TMC , I had an average of 25 headache days a month with 10-15 being migraine days. I personally felt a difference from the initial consultation. What I appreciate about TMC is they are not looking to waste your time, keep seeing you indefinitely, etc. From the initial consultation, I was made aware that their program works for some and not for others and it should be clear based off the consultation if it could work for me. After the consultation , I received an email with my personal plan (I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone but for me it was 6 weeks). They do not accept insurance but seeing that it had an “end date” I felt like it was manageable. I would compare the program somewhat to remote physical therapy. They explain how to do exercises and you do them on your own. I was very committed to doing them. My personal results is I’ve gone from 25 headache days a month to 2. That alone is enough reason for me to recommend TMC. I’m addition, some symptoms I related to my allergies improved (sinus pressure), as did my TMJ. For reference purposes, prior to TMC I went to a chiropractor for 2 years and PT for 1 year with no long lasting results.
Adrianna Jorganxhi
Adrianna Jorganxhi
This entire practice is amazing! The whole team was amazingly helpful and kind. Dr. Turner is, truly, fully equipped in research and practice. He has made an enormous difference in my day to day life and has completely treated my migraine symptoms.I would fully recommend this clinic to anyone who is suffering from migraines.
Jennifer Beagley
Jennifer Beagley
Dr Turner is very known and will answer every question you have. I’m in the middle of my treatment, I already learned the exercises and I am doing it everyday. There is still a long way to go, but I can see already some relief!
Deborah Jerussalmy
Deborah Jerussalmy
I can’t say enough good things about the clinic. Even as a virtual patient, I’ve been able to feel my symptoms improve weekly. I’m grateful for the support and I now have hope that migraines can be a thing of the past for me.
Christy Goforth
Christy Goforth
Having suffered from migraines most of my adult life and knowing I needed “something else” I was curious & skeptical when I found this clinic via social media.However after meeting with Dr. Turner via Zoom I was encouraged right away, as he managed to alleviate my neck pressure & pain in that consult. It only took 2 weeks to get consistent relief & I do my exercises daily & am looking forward to a migraine free future!
Andrea DeYoung
Andrea DeYoung
I attend my sessions via telehealth and it was amazing.I’ve had pain that was truly debilitating and episodic for unrelenting weeks at a time with no hills or valleys just walking up day after day in the same state of pain until the episode was over trying to find better medication was my only option until I found Dr. Turner And his clinic. I fell right in line with the typical demographics and the movement techniques worked very quickly. I’m still working on things but haven’t had severe pain or unrelenting pain that isn’t eased my sleep since starting with him. I’ve learned so much to help manage my migraines and decrease the time of day before triggers even become a factor and when they do they’re weaker and I have movements to ease the pain. It’s magical!!!
Kristin Jarrett
Kristin Jarrett
After trying MANY different treatment options for my daily, debilitating complex migraine symptoms (numbness and tingling on one side, weakness, facial drooping, light and sound sensitivity, pain, overall feeling unwell) I came across an advertisement for Texas Migraine Clinic. Out of desperation I thought I would give it a try. Six weeks in and I feel my symptoms are 75% improved! I have learned how to manage and improve my symptoms before they get worse and I'm confident over the next months things are only going to get better. The attention to detail and instruction from Stuart and Dr Turner have been a blessing for my health in helping me to get back to enjoying my family and life again! Thank you for contributing to that!
Justin and Julia Kurtz
Justin and Julia Kurtz
I highly recommend working with TMC to improve your migraine management. Dr. Turner and his staff are professional, supportive, and flexible. They were commited to meeting my custom needs and providing education about their technique.
Makyla Iverson
Makyla Iverson
Truly positive experience. Beyond the return of my quality of life and health improvements the whole team has been great. Excellent communication, clear outline of what to expect, consistent and timely follow up. If only all healthcare worked this way!
Dana Schwerman
Dana Schwerman
2 years of constant neck/head pain was much improved after 2 sessions with Dr. Turner. I had tried physical therapy in the past several times with PT's in my area. It helped short term but the pain always returned and worsened with time. One month with Dr. Turner and Mr. Horton. I am now waking up with no pain for the first time in years! Facial tension, sinus/eye pressure are gone as well. Thank you both and thank God for sending me here!!!
Hollie Parks
Hollie Parks
Excellent !! It helped my tinnitus when everyone could not. 100% recommended his service.
Ignacio Macias
Ignacio Macias
Dr. Turner was able to help me instantly reduce my migraines from the first assessment and realize where most of them are coming from in my neck. He truly knows how to find the issue quickly and teach you how to correct it so the underlying issue can heal rather than just cover it up.
Andrea Smith
Andrea Smith
I decided to try out the TX Migraine Clinic because Dr. Turner's explanation of the mechanical cause of migraines seemed very spot on for me. I am glad that I did. My headaches and neck and shoulder pain have improved quite a bit. I also have really great tools now to help me manage my pain and avoid onset in the first place. Both Dr. Turner and Stewart Horner were very pleasant to work with and very helpful. And while it is a self-pay treatment, it really didn't take many sessions, and was not anywhere near as expensive as other treatments I've tried. I definitely think it's worth a shot if you have head, jaw, neck or shoulder pain.
Maria Berger
Maria Berger
When I had my consultation he demonstrated what the cause was and how to treat my migraines. Dr. Turner said I would need a total of six treatment's. After the consult I did not have a migraine for about six weeks. Then when they started back I finished the treatment and until this day still no migraines.
Mrs. T
Mrs. T
It's been over 12 years since I started getting migraines and I've had them almost every day. I started Dr Turners program as a skeptic because through the years every treatment that I've tried has failed, so it's easier being a skeptic then it is getting disappointed if it doesn't work. But, the difference with this program is that Dr Turner is trying to fix the source of the problem instead of treating the symptoms. Since I started the treatments I've been able to reduce every migraine to where I barely feel it within a few minutes with the neck exercises he showed me, and the symptoms including the nonstop nausea I had before are barely noticeable now. Those are almost unbelievable results in my mind, and I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. I am very hopeful now and I have to give my head and neck time to heal so I will check back in a few months to tell you how it's going. Everybody I talked to at the clinic is so kind and friendly, including Dr Turner, Stuart Horton, Annabelle, Maria, and others. I highly recommend The Texas Migraine Clinic and I thank them for everything their doing for me.
Jonas H
Jonas H
Both Dr. Turner and Dr Horton are very knowledgeable, compassionate, and skillful in figuring out where migraine pain is coming from and how to slowly diminish the symptoms. I have just finished my 6 week one-on-one virtual treatments (I was skeptical at first that this could work virtually) and am feeling relief like never before. I'm hoping the healing and diminishing symptoms continue. So far I am really impressed and encouraged.
Heather Baskin
Heather Baskin
After exploring so many options for migraines (chiropractor, dry needling, PT, meds, massages, stretching, procedures, etc), I met with Dr. Turner. I wasn’t sure how it would go since everything else I had tried was a disappointment…but I am now on week 3 feeling better than ever! I haven’t had a migraine for over 2 weeks and I still have weeks to go with what he has taught me. Highly recommend!!!
Dawn Knuth
Dawn Knuth
I have struggled with ocular migraines and neck issues since 35 and the clinic helped me with their program. The staff is super nice and helpful. I am starting my strength side of the program and excited to continue feeling better. Thank you!
Eric Hrovat
Eric Hrovat
Dr. Turner & Stuart have done such a great job! When I first started I was just a little unsure because everything I tried prior to seeing them didn’t work. My work & my personal life were suffering, but after receiving treatment things turned around quickly for me & I'm so grateful!
Niya Jackson
Niya Jackson
All the staff were kind and patient. My experience was as I expected and the outcome was very helpful for my particular migraine situation. They know what they are doing and I appreciate the help they gave me. I would highly recommend anyone suffering from migraines to seek out their assistance.
Bruce Brooks
Bruce Brooks

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Natural Migraine Relief

The treatment system in use is highly unique, and currently only available in this highly specialized and optimized form at Texas Migraine Clinic.

This unique migraine & headache treatment consistently produces 92% lasting migraine and headache relief for successful patients adherent to our system of Treatment (as compared to 20% - 40% lasting migraine relief as reported by our patients for the latest migraine injections).

Using modern webcam technology, we are able to treat patients in throughout the world "remotely" instead of in-person at our clinic's physical location. We have found that our patient outcomes through online sessions between patient and migraine specialist are just as effective as our in-clinic treatment option.

If you are looking for a proven and highly effective, natural treatment for even the most severe & unique cases of headaches and migraines, take the Admission Survey above to see what we can do for you!

Common Triggers

  • Aged cheeses
  • Alcohol
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Caffeine (if in withdrawal or having too much)
  • Chocolate
  • Citrus fruits
  • Cured Meats
  • Dehydration
  • Depression
  • Dried FishDried Nuts
  • Exercise 
  • Eyestrain
  • Fatigue (Too much)
  • Food Additives (NMSG, Nitrates, Nitrites)
  • Gluten
  • Lights (Glare, Bright, or Flashing)
  • Menstrual Periods
  • Medications
  • Noise (Loud or prolonged)
  • Nuts (Because of Tyramine)
  • Onions
  • Odors / Strong Smells
  • Salt (in high quantity) 
  • Not enough food (or if Fasting)
  • Stress
  • Temperature (If too cold or warm)
  • Watching Movies / TV
  • Weather

*This is not a full list, only a list of generic and common migraine and headache triggers. 


Common symptom patterns

(Successful patients treated with the Class One Type treatment who no longer need migraine treatment have had most of the following symptom patterns in common):

  • Symptoms worsen as the day goes on (on days you do not wake up with a terrible migraine already)
  • Unrelenting tightness in upper shoulders and shoulder-blades.
  • Allergy-like symptoms in sinuses and eyes