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Natural System of Self-Treatment Empowers You To Quickly Reverse Your Head And Face Pain in Most Cases, And Keep It Gone In Many Cases.

No ongoing therapies, injections, or medications.


  • At 6 weeks: 72% decrease in frequency of headaches, 93% decrease in frequency of migraines
  • At 12 weeks: 95% symptom reduction of both headaches and migraines and nausea and dizziness
  • Then, steady and consistent absence of all symptoms as nerve systems and neck structures calm down

Quick Self-Test + How Does it Work?

Dr. Turner posted a video online which prompted 30-year professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Calvanio, Ph.D., to call Dr. Turner out of the blue. That call ended up being a 45-minute conversation that included a compliment for the contents of this video and an interest in collaborative research.


Discover The True Source Of Your Symptoms, Then Shut It Off

The process begins with a detailed review of your symptom history. Then, we test the immediate response of your symptoms to a series of neck postures and repeated neck movements. This testing quickly identifies the exact source of your many symptoms in nearly all cases during your initial evaluation.

You should notice immediate symptom changes in your head, face, upper shoulders, and even your nausea or dizziness, and you should feel empowered. This empowerment (if you are a true candidate for this treatment) is your clear understanding of how to rapidly reverse your headache and migraine symptoms, and make them go away. As you keep your symptoms absent with these powerful strategies, healing occurs in your neck structures and your nerve systems. In addition to this rapid symptom relief, it's routine to notice a steady, consistent absence of all symptoms over time as nerve systems calm down.


Reverse Your Symptoms Remotely With Webcam Sessions

Using webcam interaction, Dr. Turner has a consistent track record of successfully discovering which sustained neck movements, positions, and mechanical neck strategies reverse headache/migraine symptoms in a way that’s both fast and lasting.

Self-treatment strategies are carefully tailored to each client by meticulous tracking of symptom location and intensity in real-time. He uses a detailed and elaborate algorithm to determine which repeated neck movements, neck positions, and neck unloading strategies abolish all symptoms at once in most cases.


Frequently Asked Questions

Still sitting on the fence? Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions...

Why do symptoms in my head and upper shoulders, or neck worsen as the day goes on, especially around 2:30PM?

Because the weight of your 8-pound head pushing down on the nerves and joints in your neck overloads them, making them progressively more irritated. It's a quick self-diagnostic test that points to your neck as the source of your head pain!

Control of my triggers is the most common advice that I have heard, other than medications for my headaches and migraines. How do my triggers tie in with your evaluation and treatment system?

Picture a glass 4/5 full of water. Imagine that that’s your neck problem. Then, add more water to the top, to overflowing. Imagine that those are your triggers that you just poured on the top. We focus on emptying the water (fixing your neck problem) from the glass with our system. Then, you can pour triggers into the glass, but they rarely, if ever overflow into headaches and migraines.

What exactly is happening with hormones around my cycle that cause me to get menstrual migraines?

Estrogen is an “excitatory” hormone, which means that it makes brain cells give off more of an electrical discharge. Progesterone, on the other hand, is an “inhibitory” hormone, which means that it calms those cells down. When the body is making more estrogen than progesterone, it can make the nervous system, well, “excitable.” Think PMS, and you get the idea.
We have observed that this nervous system excitability causes increased muscle tightness throughout your neck. This muscle tightness jams the neck joints together, overloading them. Those joints, in turn, cascade symptoms up into your head and face. We target those joints with our system. It’s routine that monthly cycles rapidly become less of a trigger, usually taking anywhere from 3 to 4 months with severe cases before there’s no reaction at all to menstrual cycles.

What’s the difference between what you do and Chiropractic manipulation?

Spinal manipulation (popping) of joints in your neck and upper back commonly provides temporary, though not lasting relief for chronic headaches and migraines. In contrast, we empower you with powerful self-treatment strategies so that real healing can occur, versus temporary relief. Chiropractors are amazing at rapid symptom relief. But if it’s a long-term solution that you’re looking for with an impossible, chronic pain problem like headaches and migraines, short-term relief isn’t where it’s at. Being dependent on a professional to manipulate your spinal joints when your symptoms flare up leaves you vulnerable day after day. We target the source of the problem in your neck that causes the joint inflammation.

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