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If you find these suggested positions helpful with rapid symptom relief, they can calm nerves down in preparation for your evaluation.  These postures are only used in our system for an average of 5-7 days, after which they're not necessary.  That's because we target the obstruction in the lower neck that keeps patients from being comfortable with their neck straight (i.e., sitting straight, looking straight ahead with standing/walking, and keeping their neck straight in lying).  As an aside, it may be helpful to know that lying on your stomach consistently worsens headache/migraine symptoms (twists neck structures which cascade up into your head and face).  Also, lying on your back compresses very sensitive nerves at the base of your skull, which also travel up into your head and face.  Lying on your sides is routinely the best option. Click Here for a pdf that we share with new patients.

Evaluations are painless and only take about an hour. Schedule your evaluation by calling us at 210-402-2920. This is an inexpensive, safe, common-sense approach which focuses on empowering you to fix your own pain and symptom problems. We target fast and lasting outcomes.