A Message from Our Founder To Those With Chronic Pain

Dr. Jeff Turner DPT, cert. MDT

I recall having great difficulty sleeping for about a 3-month period, once I understood how amazing and powerful this unique system is for fixing “impossible pain and symptom problems.” I’m passionate about the opportunity to help people like you - people with chronic pain.  Everything in me wants to deliver you quickly and permanently from the merry-go-round of “pain management”.  Just that word “management” doesn’t set well with me.  It doesn’t imply lasting resolution of pain and symptom problems.  It can have its place, but only after all else has failed. I am determined not to fail with any patient under my care.


My experience has been analogous to looking at one of those pictures from the 80’s that looks like colored confetti.  Stare at it long enough, and you just might see an image appear in 3D inside the confetti-  like a ship or an animal. Once you’ve had that experience, there’s no going back to seeing that picture as just random confetti.  There’s an order to it.  Praise God, I was enabled to perceive that order.  That’s what it was like for me.  Once I had this “3D epiphany” of how everything worked with spinal discs and nerve systems that course throughout the body, I was never the same.  My “Eureka!” moment.  I realized that nerves rule essentially all symptoms routinely seen in this clinic - even seemingly unrelated symptoms in the head, inner ear, neck, upper body, lower body, stomach, and GI system.  Get at the source of the nerve systems, and you get at the source of the problems.  At that point I realized how the medical community and alternative practitioners were routinely addressing symptoms, but not the source of the problems.


The natural solution to these symptom problems revealed itself after years of study and observation.  The research investigation and conclusions came together for me in studies through Boston University.  But the observation was the real driver of unique insights into the truth underlying these various pain and symptom problems.  By observing detailed symptom response to testing in an endless stream of real patients with these real pain and symptom issues, the truth finally and simply revealed itself.  I am now amazed that others don’t see it.  However, I have an INTJ personality style (Myers-Briggs test), with the associated God-given investigative bent and relentless desire to figure out what “works” in the real world. Without that drive and the help of a mentor, Angelo Dimaggio, PT, Dip. MDT, I would likely have missed it.


Now, my passion is to be the lighthouse and lasting solution for suffering people stuck in the much-ness and many-ness of misinformation.  And to put an end to ongoing medications and therapies that, though temporarily offering relief, ultimately only mask symptoms.  I am convinced that your body is just dying to heal.  It just needs the right environment.  I’m ready to help you discover that healing environment that’s unique to you.  I target lasting change, leaving symptoms and life-limiting functional limitations behind.