Pinched nerve in neck treatment-   How does it work?

Dr. Turner uses a unique, highly-specialized form of very detailed head/neck testing algorithms. This real-time, logical testing method involves various painless, repeated neck movements and sustained neck positions to sort out even the most difficult pain and symptom problems.*

Once he discovers which movements and positions shut off your symptoms, he then teaches you how to do the same thing. That’s the key to healing that’s lasting. It’s routine to achieve total abolishment of all arm or hand symptoms after only 7 days of self-treatment, using this System. Dr. Turner averages 5-7 sessions total for complex nerve impingement problems, without ongoing therapies or a daily routine of “rolling muscles out with self-massage” after discharge, as with competing approaches. That’s because they address the muscle tightness (a symptom), versus the source of the problem (nerve irritation that makes the muscles tight).*

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Discs in the lower neck are like jelly-filled doughnuts, acting as shock absorbers in between the vertebra throughout your neck.  However, they commonly have a defect in the back of their rubber-like wall.  These defects can vary from small (disc bulge) to large (disc herniation, as in the illustration).  Dr. Turner is very experienced and specialized in rapidly reversing symptoms associated with these problems, routinely achieving consistent, complete abolishment of all related symptoms, as well as restoration of full neck function and movement.*

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I have tried all types of doctors and therapies, I have even had a major surgery to help with the arm pain/numbness. In just a few weeks, Dr. Turner was able to stop the arm numbness and the daily headaches. I don't remember the last time I felt so good! I don't have to power through the work week and live/work with pain, and I can enjoy my family on the days off! My loved ones have noticed the difference too! Thank you, Dr. Turner! I really wish I would have met you 15 years ago, so that I would not have had to miss so much of my life and suffer through so much pain.*
-Lilia M., Attorney
Dr. Turner was able to pinpoint the source of my headaches to a cervical disc pressing on a nerve. Simple, gentle exercises resolved this in a few days.*
-Scott M., Apple I.T., Pastor
Dr. Turner is an absolute mechanical genius with an uncanny attention to detail.* -Nasha Holt, M.D., Head/Neck Specialist

*DISCLAIMER: The information included on this website is a professional opinion from 13 years of experience working with headaches/migraines, observation of thousands of patients, and research of available medical literature. However, the speed and effectiveness of results of our System may vary from person to person. Some headache/migraine conditions are only partially responsive, or even non-responsive to this treatment approach. In addition, outcomes depend heavily upon the level of adherence and engagement in this very individualized self-treatment program. Advanced spinal degeneration may be present, which can complicate improvement or progression.  Also, certain medications may alter symptom response, e.g., narcotic pain relievers or migraine preventives, for instance.  If you’re concerned about the source of your headaches or migraines, or about treatment approaches available to you, contact your doctor or specialist for medical advice.