Overview of Remote Client Program

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If we mutually agree to engage in treatment, the process begins with a review by Dr. Turner of your (more thorough) history. Then, Dr. Turner uses a logical algorithm to test certain neck postures, repeated neck movements, and sustained neck positions. Assessing your symptom changes in real-time, he identifies distinct patterns of pain and movement responses that are objective, reproducible, and reliable. He then empowers you to treat yourself effectively, safely restoring full mobility and function. By learning how to self-treat the current problem, you minimize the risk of recurrence, progressively heal, and rapidly self-treat any symptoms as they occur during your healing process.

Coaching videos, ongoing text interaction, symptom survey updates, and informative pdf’s make the process as smooth as possible. We use a protocoled system that follows a logical treatment algorithm.  Follow-up sessions take about 30 minutes. Note that initial evaluations, if done remotely, take about an hour.


  • Dr. Turner connects with you via Skype, FaceTime, or Google Duo, averaging 30 minutes per session. He reviews various things with you initially about your recent symptoms, response to your neck mechanics, % of the day with certain symptoms, etc.  He then troubleshoots progressions with you, clarifies details he’s concerned about, and answers any questions that you might have. The average number of sessions is 7 over an approximate 2-month period.