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Natural Migraine Relief with Remote Therapy

Common outcomes with our Remote System* 

92% discover Source of their symptoms in 1st session

75% migraine relief at 3 weeks

90% relief at 6 weeks 

Then, continued improvement as nerves steadily calm down


Dr. Turner uses a very detailed neck testing algorithm to quickly identify the source of your problem.  

He then teaches you to quickly reverse your nerve problems that shoot pain into your head and face 

and tightness into your upper shoulders and shoulder blades. 


Have you tried medications, massage, chiropractic, or injections and found that your symptoms keep coming back?

Do medications barely work, or have intolerable side effects?

Would you like to try an effective, natural treatment that is proven to abolish migraines in both short-term and long-term?

Have you almost given up hope that your migraines can go away both quickly, but also permanently?



Worsening of your head pain throughout the day reveals that nerves from your NECK are the underlying source of your pain.  Those nerves cascade pain up into your head and face.

It's just common sense.  But it's routinely overlooked, revealing a rapidly fixable problem.  



Sinus pressure/nose stuffiness

Eye dryness or itchiness

Eye pain or pressure

Ear fullness or pressure

Jaw tightness, pain, or clicking (TMJ)



Tooth pain or pressure

Tightness in upper shoulders and shoulder blades

Arm pain or numbness (pinched nerves from disc bulges or herniations)

Migraine (all types, as well as Cluster Headache and Trigeminal Neuralgia)

About Dr. Jeff Turner

Dr. Jeff Turner, DPT is a migraine specialist and has been practicing for 31 years.  He has a clinical Doctorate from Boston University (2008), with research focus on cervicogenic (neck-caused) headache disorders.  He specializes in rapidly reversing headaches, migraines, and associated disc and nerve problems. He accomplishes this by calming the area of nerve convergence in the brainstem with a natural approach, targeting the neck. 

Medications and, more recently, Botox and injectables have proven to calm the nerve convergence area in the brainstem, with resulting reduction in symptoms-  but only for a short while. In contrast, his approach routinely achieves a lasting result. He uses detailed mechanical testing of neck structures that cascade symptoms up into the head and face and down into the upper shoulders and shoulder blades. This mechanical testing tracks immediate relief of symptoms in real-time, in response to repeated movements and sustained positions of the neck.  This clearly identifies the source of the problem. Once that source is revealed, patients are then empowered to shut off their nerve irritation at will. Then they can achieve consistent absence of symptoms as healing steadily occurs.*

Dr. Turner and his staff are amazing. I suffered from migraines for 22 years and within 6 weeks I was migraine free! I had tried every medication, treatment, diet, exercise and diet supplement out there and nothing would cure my menstrual migraines. I saw results from this therapy within the first few weeks. The great part was that I never had to leave home. I did the entire treatment through FaceTime so I didn’t have to make the 2 hour trip to his office.

Libby f.  home school mom

After 25 years of what I was told were muscle induced headaches akin to migraines, I was pessimistic that anything short of surgery would cure the problem and only strong medications would control symptoms. Dr. Turner’s basic exercises were simple, easy to execute, and effective. I most appreciated the ability to attend my appointments via Skype, significantly reducing time away from my family and work, and preventing me from having to use vacation or sick time to cover my appointments.


*DISCLAIMER: The information included on this website is a professional opinion from 13 years of experience working with headaches/migraines, observation of thousands of patients, and research of available medical literature. However, the speed and effectiveness of results of our System may vary from person to person. Some headache/migraine conditions are only partially responsive, or even non-responsive to this treatment approach. In addition, outcomes depend heavily upon the level of adherence and engagement in this very individualized self-treatment program. Advanced spinal degeneration may be present, which can complicate improvement or progression. Also, certain medications may alter symptom response, e.g., narcotic pain relievers or migraine preventives, for instance. If you’re concerned about the source of your headaches or migraines, or about treatment approaches available to you, contact your doctor or specialist for medical advice.


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Hi and Welcome from Dr. Turner! 


HERE'S WHAT TO EXPECT:  Online evaluations take about an hour.  I'm very used to doing videocam interaction (commonly, Skype or FaceTime), having 5 years' experience with it.  It's an ideal platform, as I can clearly discern detailed symptom patterns that I'm looking for in real-time as I visually interact with you.  I track symptoms in your head, face, upper shoulders, shoulder blades, and dizziness/nausea with a very detailed testing algorithm of repeated neck movements and sustained positions.  I'm riveted on what produces your various symptoms, and more importantly, what shuts them off.  Many unfamiliar with this process might think that their symptoms are too chronic, too severe and too complicated for such a simple-sounding, cryptic process.  But there's not much that I haven't seen in the evaluation and treatment of approximately 6800 headache/migraine patients over the past 15 years. It's unlikely that your symptom complex will baffle or surprise me- and more importantly, stump me.  This system is not a panacea, but I have a long track record of applying this logical, detailed System of real-time symptom testing to the most complex head/neck disorders with consistent success.*

For proactive clients, common outcomes are 75% relief of headaches and migraines at 3 weeks and 90% relief at 6 weeks, including dizziness and nausea.  It is routine that ongoing therapies, medications, injections, and avoidance of triggers are no longer necessary.  Total number of sessions on average, regardless of complexity, is 7.*

WHAT DO I DO NOW?  After submitting your symptom history ("START HERE" button, below), we will contact you during our business hours.  Remote Therapy for those who live outside of Texas is private pay, with discounted rates.  The average private pay fee for an entire case only averages $750. Charges are session-by-session, and there's no contract.   We look forward to helping you with your "impossible" pain and symptom problems.