"The All-In-One Proven Solution to Achieve Years of Lasting Headache and Migraine Relief in 6 Weeks: Without the Medications, Injections, or Surgery"

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I've found that there's a better way to consistently achieve lasting relief so that those with headaches and migraines can finally:


- Achieve years of lasting relief

- Stop the endless medications and injections

- Not need to keep attending the endless doctors’ appointments without truly getting better in the long-term


In 18 years dealing with headache and migraine cases and 32 years with intensive nerve case issues, I haven’t yet seen this lasting and powerful relief method I’m speaking about today equaled by any other medication, injection, treatment, or therapy.


In fact, neurologists and their family members often see me as patients as well for some of the most intensive, difficult and long-term problems.


That’s because it's no secret that what's not been working for you:

isn't working for the neurologists, or often other specialists either.


And I’ve found that there’s definitely a reason for this:


The mainstream, available treatment methods that you may have tried by now: like medications, injections, as well as chiropractic, massage therapy, physical therapy, and most every other treatment or therapy out there have 1 thing in common:


They're temporary relief treatments that prevent or numb the headache and migraine symptoms and pain.


That means that you never actually get better:


because you and other patients have to keep taking the medications and injections, and keep going to the temporary relief sessions in an endless, never-ending cycle until the headaches, migraines, and (often) other related symptoms show up again.


And here's the harsh reality behind the migraine and headache medications, injections, and most all treatments today that I realized many years ago, and I say this with respect:


That whether they realize it or not, the headache & migraine industry makes the most money by keeping you in pain instead of healing you.


Let me say that again:


They make the most money by keeping you in pain instead of healing you.


It's with respect I say this because many specialists that I've seen have great hearts,


but whether they mean this or not, the truth is that in the headache and migraine industry as we know it, there's no incentive to get patients any better when they can make money off of patients for years or decades on end.


And that's what's been happening.


The end result of these treatment methods is that you don't actually get better.


For instance, patients often show up to see me on multiple medications like triptans, injections like Botox and CGRP injectables, and, at the same time, attending multiple chiropractic and massage sessions:


Doing everything right on these things, and still in pain.


They're still left where they started: on medications and injections- still avoiding triggers throughout the day.



That's because these methods are only temporarily "numbing" or temporarily preventing the pain & symptoms, but aren't actually fixing what's causing all these pains and symptoms in the 1st place.


For instance, an example for this is that ibuprofen and pain killers can never fix or heal a broken knee, but that's exactly what the headache and migraine industry has been doing for years: they've been stopping and preventing the pain, but not actually fixing anything.


And that goes for what you've probably experienced so far and what you’ve noticed by now:


that the medications, injections, chiropractic sessions, massage sessions, and other treatments never end: because nothing is actually being fixed.


The headache and migraine symptoms are only temporarily prevented or numbed-


but nothing actually gets fixed.


The outcome of this is that the headaches, migraines, and related symptoms always show up again... and again...


In the "endless cycle" of temporary relief so common with headaches and migraines.


But there's another way that I've seen to finally fix these issues, and allows patients to finally live without these issues:

to finally break out of the “endless cycle of temporary relief” into lasting relief.



The life-changing and unique lasting relief methodology I use has taken me years of research and application to finally perfect into the complex and effective solution I now use to consistently resolve even the worst headache and migraine cases.


The good news is that I’ve found that there’s a way to stop the headaches and migraines for years and in many cases for good, to finally at last achieve lasting relief:


- without needing to stay on endless temporary relief treatments, often for years and decades on end.

- without avoiding triggers all day

- without wasting time driving to endless appointments

- without always planning life around these problems


My name is Dr. Jeff Turner, and I've personally treated more than 4,200 patients from Texas and other countries who've finally achieved lasting relief without the medications and injections or the ongoing chiropractic and massage sessions, and can now live in lasting relief and freedom from headaches and migraines.


My specialty is in resolving many of the most difficult, severe, unique, and long-term headache and migraine cases that other specialists have often given up on.


And the reason why I've been doing this is what I said earlier: the other treatments and methods keep you in pain:


because what's causing the headaches and migraines never actually gets fixed.


This Advanced Methodology finally fixes it, and they can then go away for years, and in many cases, for good.


Sound interesting?


Now, the truth is, there are a great many number of intensive and long-term headache and migraine cases out there that would pay me many thousands of dollars to finally achieve years and years of lasting relief for them, and this is what my 6-Session NerveCode Advanced Program is able to achieve consistently.


The NerveCode Advanced Program

The NerveCode Advanced Program is the "all-in-one" solution for those with headaches and migraines to naturally achieve years of lasting relief in 6 weeks: without needing the medications or injections any longer. After the 6 sessions occurring over 6 weeks are finished 1-on-1 with one of our qualified specialists, finally achieve and experience true freedom from headaches and migraines once the source of these headaches and migraines is finally fixed with our unique and proprietary NerveCode System, which has now been proven over 1000's of cases from both Texas and other countries.


The NerveCode Advanced Program is an "All-in-One" Solution:

  • That allows those with headaches and migraines to stop medications and injections for good
  • Achieves many years of lasting relief: for even the most intensive cases issues with overlapping symptom patterns
  • Gives us the unique ability to identify case-specific and often unique factors causing complex headache and migraine cases often overlooked in MRI’s and CT-scans
  • Finally resolves and fixes headache and migraine symptom issues at their true source to achieve true and lasting relief (which makes it one of a kind)
  • Provides the consistent, highly proven results we’ve achieved over 1000's of in-clinic Texas cases as well as 1000’s of other cases we’ve seen using our remote sessions for those from Texas and other countries
  • Gives you freedom from symptom avoidance: when after 6 weeks, you no longer need to constantly avoid triggers like bright lights and loud sounds
  • Allows you to finally achieve freedom in your life as well as not worry about needing to constantly plan your schedule around these issues
  • Allows you to go through this 6-week process with a staff that cares about you along the way and you actually getting better and finally overcoming these issues


To date, we've gotten these types of results for thousands of patients from both Texas and other countries, who once had intensive, long term, and often difficult headache and migraine issues.



We work to find these often overlooked issues causing the headaches and migraines, and then work to correct these issues over 6 sessions in 6 weeks.


The NerveCode Advanced Program has been refined over 18 years, and currently delivers the most reliable, consistent, and powerful results possible for the intensive cases.


But today, I wanted to give you an exclusive opportunity we've never offered before:

I'd like to give you a way to experience a part of my life-changing NerveCode Advanced program at what we call a "Power Session".


The Power Session (Most Progress Possible in 1 Session)

The Power Session is the best way for anyone with headaches and migraines to get the most benefits and progress into our NerveCode Advanced Program in a condensed, 40-minute "Power Session" possible: so you can experience the NerveCode System and start on the proven path to lasting relief and freedom from headaches and migraines.


Please note that this Power Session is not a substitute for the NerveCode Advanced Program - The NerveCode Advanced Program is designed to be the ultimate solution to stop headaches and migraines for years or for good in 6 weeks.


Instead, this Power Session gets you the most benefits from my custom NerveCode Program in 40 Minutes as possible, and is something we’ve never offered before.


It’s your chance for a 1-on-1 exclusive Power Session with either me or a hand-selected, highly trained specialist of mine who has been trained extensively in my custom headache and migraine lasting relief methodology.

  • At the power session, get the most progress into our NerveCode system as possible in 40 minutes.
  • At the power session, start the healing process, and experience what's finally possible when we start actually healing the problem and fixing these issues instead of just numbing or preventing the pain temporarily like with other treatments.
  • Attend a Power Session that’s customized for you: At the 40-Minute session, we’ll discuss your particular symptoms, where they're coming from, and uncover any issues that we’ve found tend to be overlooked by various doctors and neurologists. We'll dig deeper into issues we find based on our direct experience with many types of cases, and tell you what needs to be done to get you on the proven road to proven, lasting relief.
  • Attend the session even if you aren’t from Texas: The 40-Minute Power Session occurs over Zoom, so you don't need to show up to our clinic in Texas to attend.
  • This session is easy for all applicants to attend and follow: because after 1000's of case evaluations, we’ve designed our advanced symptom path algorithms to be simple to follow for patients. This gives us the ability to have you perform specific, gentle movements to identify certain symptom issues during the 40-minute session.
  • Perhaps most importantly, you get a highly qualified NerveCode expert at this session, since this Power Session includes a 1-on-1 personalized Power Session with either me or a hand-picked, highly qualified specialist of mine where we’ll work to uncover the issues that have been causing your particular headache and migraine case.
  • In addition, experience this working for even multiple headache & migraine types, symptoms, and even nerve pathways at the same time with our gentle and highly effective "F-A-S-T True Relief Method”.
  • Finally, finish the session knowing the proven relief process of how to predictably clear symptoms out of the head and face.


So how would all of this change things for you?


Please know that because this Power Session may not always be available, today is the time to apply if you'd like a Power Session.


And here's something important I've learned over the last 18 years in dealing with neurologists, doctors, many other specialists, and thousands of patients:


when we focus on what’s actually been causing these problems like I have:


actually (1) finding and knowing what the cause is and (2) fixing the real cause behind these issues,


then they can finally GO AWAY

... for years and, in so many cases I’ve seen for good.


That’s been my personal experience over thousands of patient cases now.


Patients have been able to finally break out of the endless cycle of headaches, migraines, along with other related symptom issues: to finally achieve lasting relief and live life without pain, avoiding triggers, or staying on the medications, injections, or other endless treatments:


True lasting relief was achieved.


And I’m giving you a chance today to get the most progress into my NerveCode System as possible in a 40-minute Power Session:


to give you the most results possible in the least amount of time possible based on my in-depth experience of 1000's of successful patient cases.


Now, I want to make sure that there's only and purely 100% benefit by you attending this Session.


Guarantee #1: So here is the "Expert" Guarantee:

After seeing 1000's of patients, if we can't figure out the particular issues causing your particular headaches and migraines out on the Power Session call, then a receptionist will issue you a full refund without you even asking.


In addition, I want to make sure that there's absolutely nothing in your way and of my methodology changing your life.


Guarantee #2: So here’s the full refund "Complete Satisfaction" Guarantee:

If you're not 100% satisfied and happy with this session, then notify a receptionist using the email "[email protected]" or any email form on our website within 8 hours, and we'll issue you a no-questions-asked complete refund.


So let me ask you a question:

- What would it look like to finally live in freedom from these problems? Actually not having them anymore?

- What would it be like to not need to take another triptan or “rescue” med when the pain starts to come on?

- How would it be to not worry about constantly avoiding triggers like bright lights, loud sounds, or exercise?

- How would it be to not need to plan around your schedule and appointments any longer?


That's what happens when we finally fix these issues.


Would that not completely change things for you?


If so, this Power Session is the BEST way to start on the path to lasting relief and getting results.


Remember, this Power Session may not always be available, so today is the best time to apply.


Now, before you leave this page, I'd like you to know something.


Any time someone walks away from what I do because they don't believe it'll work for them, I know that they're potentially walking away from a literally life-changing program that could finally achieve and mean final freedom for them.


Today, this is a chance to experience my powerful methodology at a Power Session, and get started on your life of lasting relief with absolutely no risk involved:


to get you the most results possible in the shortest time possible.


Before this video ends, just know you have 2 choices right now.


One is to do what you’ve always done:


keep staying on the endless temporary relief treatments for years.


And the other is to walk the true and reliable path I’ve found and designed: the way to make these issues finally go away for years or for good.


And the sole purpose of this call:

to get you as close to this point as possible with my or a hand-picked specialist's time in 40 minutes during the Power Session.


In my 31 years' experience with nerve issues and 18 years of focus with headaches and migraines, I know that these issues just don't go away without finally intervening where they start from.


And this opportunity is absolutely the best way to get started on finally getting rid of them and on the proven path to lasting relief and finally achieving freedom from these intensive and often long-term issues.


So click the button below, and get started.


Yes, I'd Like a Power Session ⧁

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*Your satisfaction is our priority.

*You can contact us anytime at [email protected].


PS - For those who skipped ahead, you're getting 32 years of my extensive experience resolving intensive nerve issues at an exclusive opportunity: a condensed 40-minute "Power Session" where you get the most progress into my NerveCode Advanced Program in 40 minutes. This is an opportunity that shouldn't be passed up, considering I frequently resolve 25+ year headache and migraine cases with years of lasting relief.

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