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Dr. Turner tells it all about how to rapidly reverse Headache and Migraines

The faulty, textbook description of migraine is that results from vascular and neurological changes in the brain. I’d say, not exactly. Why the arrogant take on that? I have personally viewed >5500 headache/migraine patients in evaluations and the follow-ups (expanding that # of patient interactions exponentially) using a System that pays meticulous detail to symptom frequency, symptom intensity, symptom location, and changes in symptoms in real-time during each and every session. I use logical cause/effect testing to assess these symptom changes in the head and face, as well as arms/upper body and dizziness/nausea. There’s a certain order that symptoms retreat out of the head and face and the upper body- a roadmap, so to speak. Once you know that roadmap, migraine pain relief treatment becomes a systematic process of abolishing head and facial symptoms in a cause/effect observational way, in real-time that seems to obliterate the notion that migraines result from vascular and neurological changes in the brain. It’s not only common, but routine that migraine symptoms (intense headaches, commonly with associated dizziness and/or nausea) simply dissipate within 5-10 minutes or less with a natural approach targeting the neck. I strongly doubt that I’m impacting vascular or neurological changes in the brain (like neurological-driven swelling/inflammation) in that very short period of time. However, I AM impacting the trigeminal, greater occipital, and vagus nerve systems (not in the brain, but in the brainstem, external to the brain), which ultimately result in reversal and elimination of these problems. And that’s without medications and in a clinical setting and with testing algorithms that are logical and straightforward. My Doctorate at Boston University hubbed around my very targeted research on cascading of nerve irritation from the neck up into the head and face through well-researched pathways in the brainstem. Big-hitter researchers Peter Goadsby. M.D. (one of the world’s leading headache experts and researchers) and Nikolai Bogduk, M.D. (a Pain Management specialist who is the most published person in history on the anatomical basis of whiplash pain syndrome) agree on these head/neck nerve connections. In addition, Dr. Ron Calvanio, who has taught Neurology to Harvard Medical students for >30 years called me recently and verified my conclusions about the head/neck connection, as well as my approach at fixing these problems. He’s interested in collaborative research at this point, which I hope to find time and funds for!

In light of all this, here’s my question: Why medicate or inject problems in a never-ending treadmill of Dr. visits and expense when they could very likely be rapidly reversed using a natural System targeting nerve connections in the neck? If you’re reading this, you’re blessed. Not because I’m so wonderful, but because there’s a common-sense System out there that can actually achieve rapid reversal of headaches, migraines and associated symptoms (dizziness, nausea, reflux, upper body tightness, arm tingling) with an outcome of true healing. Lasting migraine pain relief treatment. No ongoing meds, therapies, or other interventions. Just a true solution. Seem impossible? It’s not. Here’s Dr. Nasha Holt, M.D.’s review of this approach: “Dr. Turner is an absolute mechanical genius with an uncanny attention to detail. His approach has resulted in one patient after another being healed of their migraines and other chronic head and face pain conditions. You can imagine the delight my patients feel when they no longer have to pay for $25 dollar a pill migraine meds once the neck causes of their pain are laid to rest!” I look forward to being the “second opinion” for your various symptom problems! Life gets better than the prevailing Neurologist approach of endless medications and Botox injections. Find out for Yourself.

Yours truly,

Dr. Jeff Turner, DPT

Texas Migraine Clinic

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